13 Best Dog Beaches in Massachusetts

  • Marconi Beach // Massachusetts

    Marconi Beach

    Dog-friendly all year round, but dogs should remain on a leash

    Named for the Italian wireless inventor, Guglielmo Marconi, Marconi Beach is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore. It was from this location that Marconi sent a message from President Theodore Roosevelt to King Edward VII of the United Kingdom from this location. This was the first transatlantic radio transmission from the United States back… read more »

  • Skaket Beach // Massachusetts

    Skaket Beach

    Dog-friendly beach during the off-season (After Labor Day until Memorial Day)

    Skaket Beach lies on the west coast of Cape Cod facing into the sheltered waters of Cape Cod Bay. This makes it a very different proposition to the Atlantic facing beaches on the east coast.

    Just a stone's throw cross-country from Nauset Beach on the opposite coast, Skaket Beach is different in nearly every way imaginable.… read more »

  • Good Harbor Beach // Massachusetts

    Good Harbor Beach

    Dogs are allowed on the beach from October to March as long as they are on-leash

    Good Harbour Beach is a public beach which sits at the mouth of a river, opposite Salt Island just east of the city of Gloucester. During low tide, visitors can even walk to Salt Island. Access to Good Harbor Beach is via its dedicated car park off Thatcher Road, or via the footbridge which crosses… read more »

  • Singing Beach // Massachusetts

    Singing Beach
    © Vitor Pamplona

    Dogs are allowed on the beach from mid-October to mid-April. Dogs must be licensed and vaccinated as well as wearing a collar

    A picturesque crescent of soft golden sand between rocky headland is what makes Singing Beach one of the most popular on the North Shore. At around half a mile in length the beach here is backed by grassy slopes and woodland giving it a somewhat sechluded and peaceful feel.

    Singing Beach is one of a select… read more »

  • Wingaersheek Beach // Massachusetts

    Wingaersheek Beach
    liz west

    Dogs are not allowed on the beach during the summer (May 1 to September 30). Unleashed dogs allowed the rest of the year but only on odd-numbered days.

    Wingaersheek Beach is located in the western part of Gloucester county at the mouth of the Annisquam River on Ipswich Bay. It is possibly the best beach in the area with its white sands and clear waters. Wingaersheek is recognizable by the huge rocks that jutt out from the center of the beach and into… read more »

  • Madaket Beach // Massachusetts

    Madaket Beach
    Eric Gross

    Pets are allowed on-leash before 9am and after 5pm during the summer, and at anytime the rest of the year

    On the far west coast of Nantucket, the beautiful beach of Madaket has soft sand that stretches seemingly endlessly along the Atlantic coast. Despite its obvious appeals the beach never get crowded with sunbathers and those looking to just relax tending to stay near the village.

    Madaket beach has the strongest waves on the island,… read more »

  • Race Point Beach // Massachusetts

    Race Point Beach
    Daniel Schwen

    Dogs are not allowed on the beach during the summer season - (September 15th to May 15th) - and must be kept on a leash. Further regulations may be in force during nesting season.

    Race Point Beach is in Provincetown, right at the very top of Cape Cod. The scenery here is both unique and beautiful, with sandy beaches, whales in the ocean, and historical lighthouses among the extensive dunes. You will love walking on the beach or relaxing in the sand.

    Spring is the time to come for… read more »

  • Nauset Beach // Massachusetts

    Nauset Beach

    The public beach is dog friendly during outside the main season (April 1st through Labor Day). Dogs allowed off-leash during this time

    Running along the Atlantic east coast of Cape Cod, between Coast Guard Beach and Chatham Harbor for around 10 miles, Nauset Beach is the longest on the cape. This beautifully pristine stretch of fine, near-white sand is backed by low grassy dunes for much of its length giving it a wild feel.

    Much of the… read more »

  • Horseneck Beach // Massachusetts

    Horseneck Beach

    Dogs are not allowed on beach from the beginning of April through to end of September.

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  • Joseph Sylvia State Beach // Massachusetts

    Joseph Sylvia State Beach

    Dogs are allowed before 9am and after 5pm from April through September. The rest of the year dogs are welcome at anytime as long as they remain on-leash

    This glorious Joseph Sylvia State Beach has soft white sand and shallow water and is one of the most popular public beaches on Martha's Vineyard (many of the beaches are privately owned or for residents only).

    Stretching 5 miles between Oak Bluffs and Edgartown, this easterly facing beach is on a spit, accessed across a bridge.… read more »

  • South Cape Beach // Massachusetts

    South Cape Beach

    Dogs are not allowed on the beach from April 1-September 30

    Stretching for about a mile, the near-white sands of South Cape Beach are a wonderfully wild yet accessible part of the Cape Cod coast. Beyond the dunes the beach backs onto an area of wetlands and the estuary of Waquoit Bay. Out front are the sheltered waters of Vineyard Sound, a far cry from the… read more »

  • Carson Beach // Massachusetts

    Carson Beach

    Dogs are allowed on the beach between Labor Day and Memorial Day if kept on a leash

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  • Jetties Beach // Massachusetts

    Jetties Beach
    Jeff Dell

    Dogs are allowed on-leash after 5pm and before 9am

    Jetties Beach is a large sandy on the north shore of Nantucket, facing the Cape Cod coastline and protected by Nantucket Sound. It is on the outskirts of the town and takes its name from the large jetty that protrudes from the point of land at the entrance to Nantucket Harbor.

    There is ample parking… read more »