Madaket Beach

On the far west coast of Nantucket, the beautiful beach of Madaket has soft sand that stretches seemingly endlessly along the Atlantic coast. Despite its obvious appeals the beach never get crowded with sunbathers and those looking to just relax tending to stay near the village.

Madaket beach has the strongest waves on the island, and there can be very dangerous rip tides and undertows here. This is not a great swimming spot although people do surf here. If you are looking for something more adventruous on the land, head to the western most tip Nantucket.

One of the most popular ways to arrive at the beach is by bicycle and you can rent one from Young’s Bicycle Shop. They do have bike racks where you can keep the bike during your time on the beach. You can also walk through the cobblestones in town. Bring a picnic to the beach, and sit on the soft sand and relax.

People who come to Madaket Beach are usually seeking an adventure or looking for a quiet place to walk and relax. It is one of the quieter beaches, so you can relax and enjoy the beauty around you. You won’t find restrooms or food service on this beach, but that’s what makes it so beautiful and peaceful. Make sure you stay for the sunset, as Madaket is one of the best places to catch one.

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