Top 25+ Massachusetts Beaches

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Massachusetts is one of the oldest states in America. With a rich and storied past stretching to the landing of the Mayflower, the state, and its capital city, Boston, have been welcoming visitors for centuries now. Located on the North Eastern Atlantic seaboard, Massachusetts has an impressive 192 miles of coastline given it is a relatively small state by area.

The most well-known, most beloved and visited beaches in Massachusetts are based on Cape Cod. Known across the state as simply “the Cape”, it's frequented by everyone from young people wanting to party on the beach to wealthy families with properties that have been passed down through the generations, to older people looking for a getaway by the seaside. With such varied visitors, the different beach towns, areas and beaches themselves all have their own charm, atmosphere and aspect that set the apart from each other.

If you're looking for upmarket beaches that are frequented by the rich and famous, head to Martha's Vineyard. Not an actual vineyard, but an exclusive island just off the Cape, it has become synonymous with extended families that go away for the summer and spend their days exploring the golden sand beaches, sailing and enjoying other outdoor pursuits.

If you want to bring the budget down a bit then head to Provincetown or P-Town on the northern tip of Cape Cod. Landing sight of the Mayflower in 1620, things have moved on somewhat and it's now a thriving seaside town with an established LGBT+ scene. Take a stroll around the harbour, enjoy the beaches and eat the freshest lobster roll you're ever going to have in your life.

Massachusetts might be best known for Boston and its exciting history, but when it comes to beach holidays, it's got some hidden secrets to share.

  • 1. Coast Guard Beach // Cape Cod

    Coast Guard Beach
    Margo Tabb

    When you arrive at Coast Guard Beach, you will be met with an stunning view over marshlands, sand dunes to the wide sandy beach and ocean beyond. The boardwalk runs right up to the beach, and provides disabled access.

    People love the soft sand, and they come from far and wide to enjoy this pristine stretch of coast. It does get crowded in the summer, but if you walk in… read more »

  • 2. Moshup Beach // Martha's Vineyard

    Moshup Beach
    C. S. Imming

    Located on the exclusive barrier island of Martha's Vineyard, Moshup Beach aka Aquinnah Public Beach is a gem. It's also known as Gay Head or referred to by locals as "the cliffs beach" as that's what it is.

    The cliffs are multicolored providing a stunning and dramatic backdrop to the beach. These cliffs are so special they are a National Landmark and are owned and protected by the Wampanoag Tribe of… read more »

  • 3. Sconset Beach // Nantucket

    Sconset Beach
    Doug Butchy

    Located on the eastern tip of the island, Sconset Beach faces the rolling Atlantic waves and has strong currents. It is near the Siasconset Old Historic District and is accessed along a boardwalk and foot bridge from Gully Road. The area has changed little since it began as an 18h century fishing village. The wide beach is quiet and uncrowded with easy access to the ocean.

    Children can have fun at… read more »

  • 4. Singing Beach

    Singing Beach
    © Vitor Pamplona

    A picturesque crescent of soft golden sand between rocky headland is what makes Singing Beach one of the most popular on the North Shore. At around half a mile in length the beach here is backed by grassy slopes and woodland giving it a somewhat sechluded and peaceful feel.

    Singing Beach is one of a select few beaches globally where the sand "sings". We put that in quotes because it is… read more »

  • 5. Lucy Vincent Beach // Martha's Vineyard

    Lucy Vincent Beach
    N. Friedler

    Located near Chilmark on the island of Martha's Vineyard, Lucy Vincent beach is a beautiful stretch of golden sand that runs along the Atlantic coast. Sadly, unless you are a resident or renting a house in town, you cannot access this beach from June 1 through September 15. Beach passes are required during that time.

    The beach was originally owned by the town librarian, Lucy Vincent, and upon her death… read more »

  • 6. Wingaersheek Beach

    Wingaersheek Beach
    liz west

    Wingaersheek Beach is located in the western part of Gloucester county at the mouth of the Annisquam River on Ipswich Bay. It is possibly the best beach in the area with its white sands and clear waters. Wingaersheek is recognizable by the huge rocks that jutt out from the center of the beach and into the river. At high tide the rocks are surrounded by water but you can climb… read more »

  • 7. Crane Beach

    Crane Beach
    Vitor Pamplona

    Crane Beach is one of the finest beaches on the U.S. East Coast. It has clean water and miles of golden sand backed by beautiful countryside. Part of the Crane Estate, the beach is managed by the Trustees of Reservations and is known for conservation as well. It has more than five miles of marked trails through the coastal sand dunes, and it is an important nesting site for the… read more »

  • 8. Madaket Beach // Nantucket

    Madaket Beach
    Eric Gross

    On the far west coast of Nantucket, the beautiful beach of Madaket has soft sand that stretches seemingly endlessly along the Atlantic coast. Despite its obvious appeals the beach never get crowded with sunbathers and those looking to just relax tending to stay near the village.

    Madaket beach has the strongest waves on the island, and there can be very dangerous rip tides and undertows here. This is not a… read more »

  • 9. Mayflower Beach // Cape Cod

    Mayflower Beach
    Kenneth C. Zirkel

    Located in the mid-Cape, Mayflower beach is off of Dunes Road in Dennis. The views from the tidal flats during low tide allow for some great photos, and the sunsets can be pretty amazing. The beach is large with lifeguards and plenty of room for games. You will find public restrooms, a boardwalk, a picnic area, and parking as well.

    You can stay in a variety of accommodations from little… read more »

  • 10. Race Point Beach // Cape Cod

    Race Point Beach
    Daniel Schwen

    Race Point Beach is in Provincetown, right at the very top of Cape Cod. The scenery here is both unique and beautiful, with sandy beaches, whales in the ocean, and historical lighthouses among the extensive dunes. You will love walking on the beach or relaxing in the sand.

    Spring is the time to come for whale watching, you can spot various species breaching out in the ocean. From critically endangered… read more »

  • 11. Sandy Neck Beach // Cape Cod

    Sandy Neck Beach
    © M Z

    Set in the relative shelter of Cape Cod Bay, Sandy Neck Beach is a large, long beach with pebbly sand. In fact it is six miles long, and you can get an off-road permit for the 4x4 vehicle trails. Thse trails lead to the tip of the sandy spit and around the southside of the extensive sand dunes.

    If you go for a walk on the beach, you will see… read more »

  • 12. Marconi Beach

    Marconi Beach

    Named for the Italian wireless inventor, Guglielmo Marconi, Marconi Beach is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore. It was from this location that Marconi sent a message from President Theodore Roosevelt to King Edward VII of the United Kingdom from this location. This was the first transatlantic radio transmission from the United States back in 1903.

    Marconi Beach provides views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Cape Cod Bay, and the… read more »

  • 13. Joseph Sylvia State Beach // Martha's Vineyard

    Joseph Sylvia State Beach

    This glorious Joseph Sylvia State Beach has soft white sand and shallow water and is one of the most popular public beaches on Martha's Vineyard (many of the beaches are privately owned or for residents only).

    Stretching 5 miles between Oak Bluffs and Edgartown, this easterly facing beach is on a spit, accessed across a bridge. It's a local landmark and popular for jumping off into the Nantucket Sound waters below.… read more »

  • 14. Lighthouse Beach // Martha's Vineyard

    Lighthouse Beach
    Massachusetts Office Of Travel & Tourism

    Looking out over the Edgartown Outer Harbor toward Chappaquiddick Island, Lighthouse Beach has warm waters in the summer and splendid views. One of the main attractions is the Lighthouse, which many people come to see. The beach is otherwise pretty quiet and a great spot to enjoy the views of sailboats in the harbor and the ocean.

    The lighthouse itself is one of five on the island of Martha's Vineyard.… read more »

  • 15. Veterans Park Beach // Cape Cod

    Veterans Park Beach
    William DeSousa-Mauk

    One of Cape Cod's prettiest beaches near Hyannis, Veterans Park Beach has excellent facilities and delightful views across Lewis Bay.

    Ideal for families, there's a playground, BBQ grills, disabled facilities, benches, bike racks, showers, lifeguards, restrooms…in fact everything you need for a full day's activities. There is also plenty of parking in the area for a fee.

    The beach is moderately busy but rarely overcrowded. There's a volleyball court and the all-important… read more »