The Beach Guide

Top 25+ Beaches in Hawaii

If Hawaii is known for one thing it is beaches and those familiar with them will tell you they are without doubt the most beautiful in the World. These are the iconic beaches that defined the stereotype of paradise; soft white sand, crystal clear turquoise waters and a stunning backdrop of tropical vegetation clinging to precipitous volcanic mountain sides.

Stretched out over a 1,000 miles in the mid-Pacific the Hawaiian Island chain is made up of 137 islands, although only six of these are inhabited year round. Even on this handful alone there are enough beaches that you could spend a lifetime visiting them all.

Each island has its own character and a nickname to reflect this; Hawaii Island is "The Big Island", for obvious reasons, and O'ahu is "The Gathering Place", being by far the most populated. Maui is known as the "Valley Island" as it is formed from two ancient volcanoes joined by lowlands while Kauai with its covering of prehistoric feeling vegetation is "The Garden Isle".

It would be impossible to say which Hawaiian Island has the most beautiful beaches and this is always going to vary from one person to another. The great news is there are beaches in all shapes, sizes and colors (white, black, green and red sand is all available!). So whether you are looking for a wide empty beach with a backdrop straight out of Jurassic World, world class surfing or the perfect family beach, Hawaii has it all.