Ke'e Beach

Located at the end of the road, Ke’e Beach is the last accessible beach from the north shore of Kauai. This stunningly majestic beach is a prime spot for snorkeling and sightseeing, with spectacular views of the entire coast. 

The beach connects to the Kalalau Trail, an infamously treacherous route spanning 11 miles along the coastline. The rugged trail is widely acclaimed as one of the most beautiful and dangerous hikes in the world. Even if you are not up for an adventure, the portion of the trail that reaches Ke’e Beach offers safe access to several impressive viewpoints.

The waters of Ke’e Beach are protected by reefs, creating an ideal location for swimming and snorkeling during the calm summer months. The beach also offers facilities and lifeguards, making it a popular spot for families and tourists. During the winter, the currents and swells become a little more unpredictable, although the scenery remains gorgeous year-round.

The best snorkeling spot is found in a lagoon created by the nearby reefs. The lagoon is not always visible from the shore. As you climb the nearby lookout point, you may spot the slightly darker circle of water. 

Visit Ke’e Beach in the evening for an awe-inspiring sunset, with the Napali cliffs and the sprawling ocean highlighted by the setting sun.

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