The Beach Guide

Top 25+ California Beaches

  • Venice Beach

    Venice Beach

    When thinking of Los Angeles it is hard not to picture the city's iconic Venice Beach. Whilst many beaches are exactly that, and nothing else, Venice Beach is much more than that; a beach, cultural institution, vibrant community and international tourist destination to name a few. What goes on along the beach front is as important to Venice beach's character as the sand,ocean and palms… read more »

  • Laguna Beach

    Laguna Beach
    © Joe Belanger

    Located midway between Los Angeles and San Diego, Laguna Beach is the archetypal Southern Californian beach town. This is one of the most fashionable seaside towns in Orange County and as such has attracted the wealthy and famous for many years. Laguna Beach has a long established reputation as a cultural hotspot and is home to any number of art festivals, most notably the Pageant… read more »

  • McWay Falls Cove

    McWay Falls Cove
    © Pexels

    Set in the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park this beautiful little horseshoe shaped cove is surrounded by high, tree-lined cliffs. Perhaps the beach's most notable feature though is McWay Falls, a waterfall that vertically plunges 80 feet directly into the aqua-blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. The cove here is one of the undisputed highlights of Big Sur and only a short trip from California's… read more »

  • Santa Barbara East Beach

    Santa Barbara East Beach

    East Beach is the archetypal Californian beach; the Pacific Ocean, golden sand, tall palm trees line the boulevard behind the beach, beach volleyball courts, lifeguard towers and the backdrop of the Santa Ynez Mountains rising steeply behind the city. The beach here is home to many of Santa Barbara's most upmarket hotels, however, development has been sympathetic so you won't find any of the high-rise… read more »

  • Newport Beach

    Newport Beach
    Mitch Barrie

    Home of the biggest recreational harbor on the west coast, the classic California surf town of Newport Beach offers sandy beaches, water sports, and incredible views of the sunset. This is a place you will never run out of ways to fill your day, and you can experience a real slice of Southern California beach life.

    The sand stretches for 10 miles at Newport Beach… read more »

  • Will Rogers State Beach

    Will Rogers State Beach
    © Don Ramey Logan

    Will Rogers sits between two illustrious neighbours, Malibu and Santa Monica, just to the north of Los Angeles. Stretching for nearly 3 miles this is a great option when the city beaches become too busy.

    The long sandy beach here is everything you would imagine of a South Californian beach. Surf from the deep blue pacific, permanent sunshine and a host of volleyball… read more »

  • Avila Beach

    Avila Beach
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  • Bean Hollow State Beach

    Bean Hollow State Beach
    © Doug Dolde
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  • Bowling Ball Beach

    Bowling Ball Beach
    Brocken Inaglory
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  • Cabrillo Beach

    Cabrillo Beach
    Sergei Gussev
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  • Clam Beach

    Clam Beach
    Colby Gutierrez-Kraybill
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  • Coronado Beach

    Coronado Beach

    Consistently voted one of America's finest beaches, Coronado Beach is a long sandy stretch on the outskirts of San Diego. The main Central Beach runs along Ocean Boulevard from the Hotel del Coronado to Sunset Park. An area near Sunset Park is set aside for dog owners to bring their dogs to play on what is known locally as Dog Run Beach. There is parking… read more »

  • Cowell Beach

    Cowell Beach
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  • Dockweiler State Beach

    Dockweiler State Beach
    Alistair McMillan
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  • Drakes Beach

    Drakes Beach
    John Uhrig
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