Sand Harbor Beach

  • Sand Harbor Beach - USA
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  • Sand Harbor Beach - USA
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When you think of beaches in America you’re probably thinking California, Florida or even Hawaii. Yet, he we are several hundred miles inland and in the mountains. I guess half of the lake is in California, but the beach we are interested in is over the border in Nevada.

There are actually around over 70 miles of beaches around the shores of Lake Tahoe but of all these Sandy Harbor is the best. A big stretch of sand with lots of nooks and crannies along with a bunch of smooth boulders to clamber around on this is a great family beach. The sand here is softer than the beaches on the lake’s west coast too - only the finest particles are blown this far.

Whilst the snow capped mountains all around might help remind you that you aren’t actually by the seaside there’s still plenty to do. The gently sloping beach is ideal for swimming (no currents, waves, great white sharks etc!) and the crystal clear water make it perfect for snorkeling and scuba. In case you were wondering, the water temperature of this alpine lake is fairly pleasant. It doesn’t freeze in the winter and gets up to a balmy 70°F (21°C) in the summer.

There’s plenty of shade for picnicking among the cedars and Jeffrey pines that line the beach and all the facilities you’d want for a family day on the beach.

As you might expect from such a great beach it can get a little busy here during the summer months. However, pick your time and season and you could have the place to yourself.

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Sand Harbor Beach Reviews

Jun 21st 2020

Only a couple spots in civilized world like it. Pure emerald “fresh” water. No salt. Next to no fish because of the purity. Just bring your peaceful zen and “all is good”. Pick up your trash too please. The locals don’t like trashy dirty birds.