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  • 16. Bilgola Beach

    Bilgola Beach

    Sandwiched between imposing Bilgola Head and Newport Head, Bilgola Beach is a 500-metre surfing beach in Sydney's Northern Beaches area. The soft sands here have a distinct reddish colour which contrasts the verdant cliffs at either end.

    Facing southeast, Bilgola has an offshore sand bar cut through by two shifting rips along with permanent rips that batter the rocks at either end of the sand. The beach has good conditions for… read more »

  • 17. Newport Beach

    Newport Beach
    © Maurice van Creij / CC BY

    North of Bungan Head, Newport Beach has long red-golden sands that extend north from Newport Rockpool for about 1.3 kilometres.

    At the north end of the beach the sand stops at a tumble of rocks beneath the headland known as The Peak. Newport Beach is a top spot for surfing as it is home to three-times world surf champion Tom Carroll. The best surfing spot is around The Peak where there… read more »

  • 18. Nielsen Park

    Nielsen Park

    Don't let the name scare you off, but Shark beach in Nielsen Park is one of Sydney's very finest beaches. Not only do you not have to worry about sharks (the beach is netted) it is also tucked away on the sheltered side of South Head meaning there are no Pacific waves to knock you off your feet. Combine this with great views over the harbour towards the city and… read more »

  • 19. Washaway Beach

    Washaway Beach
    © Doug Beckers / CC BY

    Washaway Beach faces east into Sydney Harbour with superb views across to Balmoral and the Manley Ferry coming and going. After a storm, the sand really does get washed away, exposing the rocky slab beneath! At other times it boasts a 200m stretch of sand and waves usually 0.5m or more, depending on the outside swell.

    At high tide you may have to sunbathe on the rocks. Not surprisingly, this remote… read more »

  • 20. Gordon's Bay

    Gordon's Bay

    Something of a secret beach, if they exist in Sydney, the tiny Gordon's Bay is situated about halfway between Clovelly and Coogee beaches. The small patch of sand here is flanked by sandstone cliffs with an offshore reef providing shelter from the waves. This makes it something of a favourite spot for fishing, diving and launching small boats. This is fairly evident when you visit the beach with the racks… read more »

  • 21. Freshwater Beach

    Freshwater Beach
    © Nigel Howe / CC BY

    Just north of Manly Beach, Freshwater Beach is stunningly located between two headlands. There's a small stream at the north end of the beach, hence the name "Freshwater".

    It's popularity began in the early 1900s when campers would spend holidays near the beach enjoying the sand and beautiful location. Initially it was the site of a working mens' camp and females were only allowed to visit on Sundays. Tents gave… read more »

  • 22. Shelly Beach

    Shelly Beach
    © J Bar / CC BY

    Shelly Beach is a real gem, just a short ferry ride from Sydney or a 20-minute walk south along Marine Parade from well-known Manly Beach. Tucked beneath the Shelly Head Lookout, it faces west and is very sheltered.

    The 100m long beach got its name as the sand is made up of broken seashells so it's rather coarse and not terribly good for building sandcastles. However, it's within the no-take… read more »

  • 23. Marley Beach

    Marley Beach
    © Philip Terry Graham

    Sometimes called Big Marley Beach, this stretch of sand sits within Royal National Park just south of Sydney. One of the largest beaches within reach of the city, its gently sloping orange-yellow sands give way to sand dunes covering an area of 130,000 square metres.

    Facing towards the southeast, Marley Beach is just under 400 metres in length, and about the same in depth. Horizontal rocks at its southern end are… read more »

  • 24. Narrabeen Beach

    Narrabeen Beach
    © Sydney Images / CC BY

    Narrabeen Beach is a long stretch of sand and surf north of Collaroy Point and the 20m cliffs at Narrabeen Head. Curving in a gentle arc for 3.6km it backs onto the Narrabeen Lagoon. The name comes from the name of the daughter of the aboriginal chief at the time of early white settlers arriving in the 1840s.

    The beach has become something of a mecca for surfers and the north… read more »

  • 25. Clovelly Beach

    Clovelly Beach
    © J Bar / CC BY

    Situated 9 km southeast of downtown Sydney, Clovelly Beach has something for everyone with great sand for castle-building and plenty of marine life for snorkellers and scuba enthusiasts. Lined on either side with concrete promenades and beachfront cafes, the small beach is at the head of a narrow inlet overlooked by Bundock Park to the south.

    While the sandy area is a winner with children, the concrete platforms and steps on… read more »

  • 26. Dee Why Beach

    Dee Why Beach
    © Merbabu / CC BY

    Located in the heart of the Northern Beaches, Dee Why Beach is about 22 km from Sydney's CBD, just north of Curl Curl and south of Long Reef Point. The sandy 1.2km spit of beach backs onto the Dee Why Lagoon and Wildlife Refuge.

    Dee Why Beach has excellent facilities for families including an ocean swimming pool for safe swimming on the point, picnic areas and a special toddler play… read more »

  • 27. Whale Beach

    Whale Beach
    © Sardaka / CC BY

    Whale Beach sits on the narrow peninsula to the north of Avalon with Pittswater on one side and Dolphin Bay on the other. The origins of the name are unknown, but most likely refer to a beached whale.

    As the Northern Beaches developed in the 1950s, the area became a popular residential neighbourhood. However, one bungalow that predates that time is Careen House. Now heritage listed, the sandstone home was designed… read more »

  • 28. Turimetta Beach

    Turimetta Beach
    © Maurice van Creij / CC BY

    Turimetta Beach is something of a hidden gem in Sydney's Northern Beaches neighbourhood. At about 350 metres long and with an average width of only 2 metres, it is not the largest beach in the area, but that doesn't make its soft clean sands any less attractive.

    Ringed on its landward side by sheer cliffs that rise between 20 and 30 metres up, the shoreline of Turimetta Beach is also dotted… read more »

  • 29. Cronulla Beach

    Cronulla Beach
    © Maksym Kozlenko / CC BY
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  • 30. Milk Beach

    Milk Beach
    © Jayphen / CC BY
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