The Beach Guide

Top 25+ Sydney Beaches


It is probably true to say that Sydney has more fantastic beaches than any other city on earth. With well over a hundred beaches in the Sydney area to choose from it is a somewhat daunting task to pick out the very best. And who's to say that is the best for anyone else - the sheer choice means, to use a cliche, there's a beach for everyone, whether you are a surfer, swimmer, snorkeller or sun-worshipper.

For many people one word springs to mind when you mention beaches in Sydney, and that's Bondi. OK, few would argue it isn't a great beach, and it's certainly iconic, but dig a little deeper and you'll discover there are any number of beaches to rival (and surpass) Bondi.

  • Garie Beach

    Garie Beach
    © Maurice van Creij / CC BY

    The Royal National Park, just south of Sydney is home to more than ten beautiful, pristine beaches of which Garie beach is widely recognised as the finest. A one km stretch of golden sand backed by the steeply rising forested vallies of the park this beach has changed little over the centuries.

    Despite its stunning natural beauty Garie Beach is not without its dangers and strong rip… read more »

  • Camp Cove Beach

    Camp Cove Beach
    © Diliff / CC BY

    Camp Cove sits on the inner coast of South Head, the headland guarding the entrance to Sydney Harbour. As such the beach is not only sheltered but commands spectacular views back over the harbour and towards the city.

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  • Hungry Beach

    Hungry Beach
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  • Bondi Beach

    Bondi Beach

    Bondi is possibly Australia's most famous beach and to many sums up the Australian way of life. This iconic Sydney beach is every bit as cosmopolitan as the city with a beach scene encompassing everything from surfing to cafe society to lively nightlife. As long as you know what to expect Bondi will not disappoint - it's busy, it's bold and it's brash, but most… read more »

  • Palm Beach

    Palm Beach
    © Alex Proimos / CC BY

    Palm beach sits on a narrow spit of land at the far end of Sydney's North Shore, roughly 40km from the city centre. The beach is overlooked by the imposing bulk of Barrenjoey Head to the north. It's well worth a climb to check out the lighthouse and take in the fantasic views back over the sands and beyond.

    "Palmy", as the beach is known locally, is… read more »

  • Balmoral Beach

    Balmoral Beach
    © Anton Leddin / CC BY

    Balmoral beach isn't just a posh name, this is one of the most upmarket neighbourhoods on the northern side of Sydney Harbour. Beautiful homes nestle in the the leafy streets clinging to the hillside, overlooking any number of fancy yachts moored out in the bay. Located only 8km from sowntown Sydney most can only imagine what the real estate prices are like here.

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  • Bronte Beach

    Bronte Beach
    © eyeintim / CC BY

    Bronte beach is situated in Sydney's eastern suburbs between Bondi and Coogee beaches. From either of beach it is an easy walk of about 2km along the paved clifftop path. However, if you fancy a swim there is an anual swim held every December between Bondi and Bronte.

    For those who feel they aren't quite ready to take on the open ocean Bronte offers a couple… read more »

  • Currawong Beach

    Currawong Beach
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  • Malabar Beach

    Malabar Beach
    © Adam.J.W.C. / CC BY
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  • Manly Beach

    Manly Beach
    © Enochlau / CC BY

    With a regular ferry running between downtown Sydney to the North Shore suburb of Manly it is no surprise that this long stretch of fine sand is as popular as ever. The town here is very much centred around the beach and this in turn attracts travellers from all over the globe who come here to soak up the sun, party and ride the world-famous… read more »

  • Tamarama Beach

    Tamarama Beach
    © eyeintim / CC BY

    Next door neighbour to Sydney's most famous beach, Bondi, is the dimunitve Tamarama beach. This little beach is possibly deeper than it is wide, although at only about 80 metres that isn't too dificult.

    Often referred to as 'Glamarama' the beach here is where the beautiful people come to top up their tans. The nickname however dates back to the 1980s when Tamarama was known as… read more »

  • Wattamolla Beach

    Wattamolla Beach
    © Greg070189 / CC BY
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  • Newport Beach

    Newport Beach
    © Maurice van Creij / CC BY
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  • Washaway Beach

    Washaway Beach
    © Doug Beckers / CC BY
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  • Gordon's Bay

    Gordon's Bay

    Something of a secret beach, if they exist in Sydney, the tiny Gordon's Bay is situated about halfway between Clovelly and Coogee beaches. The small patch of sand here is flanked by sandstone cliffs with an offshore reef providing shelter from the waves. This makes it something of a favourite spot for fishing, diving and launching small boats. This is fairly evident when you visit… read more »