Silistar Beach

  • Silistar Beach - Bulgaria
    © Marcin Szala / CC BY Pinterest
  • Silistar Beach - Bulgaria
    © kirichkov / CC BY Pinterest

Straddling the border between Bulgaria and Turkey, Silistar is a perfect beach for anyone looking to soak up some sun as they go country hopping between these Black Sea neighbours. The little beach is located about 5 km south of the Sinemorets area and is a great hidden gem for those savvy enough to go looking for it.

Once you arrive, you’ll find lovely sun-kissed golden sand partly shaded by pine trees on the sloping cliffs behind. The area is a haven for wildlife and was declared a protected area by the Ministry of Environment in 1992. It is home to several species of endangered birds, including the golden eagle and black stork. 

All of that makes Silistar Beach sound pretty idyllic despite the fact its name actually indicates anything but. “Silistar” is taken from the Greek word “syunlistareo” which means “location adjacent to robbers.” Sure enough, the beach is suspected to have been a haven for pirates in the ancient past.

Even so, the collection of rare birds and golden sand makes Silistar one of the most peaceful beaches imaginable. It is the perfect place to stop and unwind for a few hours on a summer vacation to and from Bulgaria and Turkey.

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