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Meads Bay



The British overseas territory of Anguilla in the eastern Caribbean forms part of the Leeward Island Group in the Lesser Antilles. This is to the east of Puerto Rico and north of St. Martin. Anguilla is the main island of the territory with its stunning tropical setting, measuring some 16-miles long by 3-miles wide.

This incredible holiday destination makes the perfect playground for avid beach lovers in search of shores idyllic. Indeed, Anguilla probably offers more beach attractions for its size than almost anywhere else in the world.
After arriving at Wallblake Airport, we recommend heading straight for the magnificent Meads Bay towards the southwestern tip of the island to soak up the sun and frolic in the sparkling azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The shoreline of Meads Bay is long and wide, making it one of Anguilla's top beaches, although competition is provided in the form of Rendezvous Bay and Shoal Bay. Make sure you are nice to your taxi driver because no other form of public transport operates on the island., although hotels and resorts may ferry their guests around using private shuttles. Weather-wise, north-easterly trade winds help keep this tropical sensation relatively cool and dry with the hottest time to visit being between July and October.

Aside from soaking up the sun on the soft white sand, swimming and snorkelling make easy-going pursuits. A number of water sport activities are available at Meads Bay too, ranging from kayaking to stand-up paddle boarding and even some serious kite flying when the winds pick up. If you are not the relaxing type, you can always hire a boat and enjoy views of the island from the sea.

A variety of casual eateries and restaurants operate around the Meads Bay Beach area. These include venues at the Viceroy resort at the western end of the beach to Blanchard’s at the Eastern end. If you get thirsty or hungry in between, no worries thanks to the whacky bars with real cool names like the Bamboo Beer Box and the Straw Hat.

Meads Bay tide times

Sat 15th December

Low 05:50am (0.36m)
High 01:04pm (1.09m)
Low 09:07pm (0.51m)

Sun 16th December

High 01:27am (0.73m)
Low 06:45am (0.51m)
High 01:22pm (1.06m)
Low 09:10pm (0.31m)

Mon 17th December

High 02:54am (0.84m)
Low 07:49am (0.66m)
High 01:38pm (1.05m)
Low 09:29pm (0.09m)

Tue 18th December

High 04:04am (0.98m)
Low 08:58am (0.79m)
High 01:52pm (1.06m)
Low 09:59pm (-0.15m)

Today's weather

Light rain showers

26 °C
(78 °F)

Fresh breeze, 35.3 km/h from E

Sea temperature

27.8°C / 82°F


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