Stiniva (Vis Island) Beach

Croatia’s beaches and coastline are beginning to get a little more attention, and rightfully so. They are among the most stunning and sun-kissed in all of Europe with a growing number of accolades to back this up. Stiniva Beach was voted Europe’s Best Beach in The Guardian a few years back, and with good reason.

First and foremost, it is quite breathtaking. Generally speaking Croatia’s beaches are famous for their white pebbles and sparkling azure water, but this slice of paradise takes the cake. It has an absolutely incredible feel with white rocky cliffs almost enclosing the beach and forming a near luminous turquoise lagoon.

Stiniva is located on the island of Vis, the most remote of all Croatia’s Adriatic islands. Popular for its outstanding beauty it also has some interesting history.

One of the most notable areas is Tito’s Cave, where during the Second World War, Yugoslav Paramilitary forces were forced to retreat and hunker down to hold out. The local vineyard area near Plisko Polje adds to the overall scenic quality.

Stiniva is a summer favourite with both Croatians and other nationalities. However, its unique beauty makes it worth visiting any time of the year. For a taste of “Europe’s Best Beach”, look no further than this perfect Adriatic gem.

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