Zlatni Rat

Zlatni Rat beach
Zlatni Rat beach, Croatia

The beach of Zlatni Rat is one of Croatia's best known with the most familiar view probably being from above. From here you will be left in very little doubt as to why the beach is often referred to locally as the "Golden Horn". Zlatni Rat juts out into the Adriatic Sea forming a triangle of beach fringing pine forest which is home to the ruins of a Roman villa.

Over time the exact shape of the spit of land shifts shape and the furthermost tip of the beach will curve to the east or west depending on the weather conditions. The beach is also shaped by the strong currents of the Hvar Channel which runs between the islands. This current keeps the water crystal clear, but also a little cool. It is only considered a minor risk to swimmers as you would have to swim a considerable distance of the end of the beach for it to make a perceivable difference.

If you are expecting fine golden sand at Zlatni Rat you may be a little disappointed. The actual beach at is made up of small white pebbles; so not great for sand castles, but doesn't get quite everywhere either!

Zlatni Rat isn't an undiscovered corner of the Adriatic. Being close to the port of Bol and relatively well known it does get busy in the summer. Expect to see lots of the usual tourist activities such as parachute rides and banana boats, but also expect to see a place of natural beauty.

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Zlatni Rat tide times

Mon 10th December

High 05:17am (0.43m)
Low 12:49pm (0.06m)
High 06:14pm (0.17m)
Low 10:19pm (0.12m)

Tue 11th December

High 05:42am (0.41m)
Low 01:28pm (0.07m)
High 07:06pm (0.16m)
Low 10:28pm (0.14m)

Wed 12th December

High 06:07am (0.38m)
Low 02:12pm (0.08m)
High 08:51pm (0.16m)
Low 10:01pm (0.16m)

Thu 13th December

High 06:30am (0.34m)
Low 03:04pm (0.09m)

Today's weather


9 °C
(48 °F)

Light air, 1.8 km/h from WNW

Sea temperature

17.2°C / 63°F


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