Eriks Hale Beach

The Ærø island beach of Eriks Hale is set on a narrow spit of land which juts out into the Baltic Sea. This has the effect of creating a beach with two very different coasts. To one side the Baltic Sea crashes against the sand, whilst to the back of the beach you have the sheltered lagoon of “Lille Hav” and the marina beyond. The calm waters here are ideal for taking a dip

You’ll find practically nothing here in the way of amenities, and that’s the way it’s intended. When you visit Eriks Hale, you leave modern life behind and return to nature and a simpler, more traditional way of life. The lovely rentable miniature beach houses are perfect examples of that kind of rustic seaside simplicity, each being brightly painted and offering a tremendous views across the bay.

Erik Hale is to some extent about preserving the Danish coast’s past and enduring beauty

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5960 Marst


  • Kite surfing

Nudist/naturist beach



  • Restroom/toilets

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5.1°C / 41°F

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