The Beach Guide

Top 25+ Finistère Beaches


The name Finistère translates as 'the end of the earth' and this gives some idea of what France's most westerly département holds in store. Rich in history and culture this is the Breton heartland and was the last bastion of the Druids. This reinforces a mysterious and romantic air to this often wild and remote land.

Jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean, the often windswept and weather-worn Finistère coastline is a mixture of rugged coves and wide open sandy beaches. This is the longest coastline of any département at around 1,200 kilometres and offers a wealth of choice for beachgoers.

The granite headlands of the Crozon Peninsula take the full force of the winter swells and hide some of the region's most beautiful beaches in their shelter. Further south the landscape may be less dramatic but the beaches are just as lovely with popular areas such as Concarneau and Benodet drawing in the summer crowds. Whether you are just looking for a beautiful beach to relax on or some great surfing, Finistère has it all.