Lung Kwu Tan Beach

Located in the New Territories, Lung Kwa Tan Beach faces west towards the South China Sea, making it a good spot to take in the Hong Kong sunset. Accessible by car and bus, it is an area of coast backed by native planting. Nearby you’ll also find Chinese White Dolphin Lookout point, from where you’ll have the best chance of spotting these rare creatures. In the distance you’ll see the structure of Black Point Power Station.

A cave called the Emperor’s Cave is said to be where the thirteenth-century Emperor Bing of Song took refuge as Mongols invaded his territory. With a relatively course grading of sand, young children are probably going to be unimpressed by Lung Kwa Tan Beach. The most common visitors tend to be beginner kite surfers taking advantage of the offshore winds. The optimum kite surfing months are May to August. You’ll want a wetsuit if trying out the sport at other times of year.

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