Caesarea Aqueduct Beach

Roughly halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa is Caesarea, a coastal town bursting with history. Dating back to the reign of King Herod, 2000 years ago, Caesarea was a major port. Today the remains of the harbor are one of several surviving archaeological gems to be found here.

One such surviving ancient structure is the Caesarea Aqueduct which carried water to the old city for over a thousand years. Although it no longer serves its original purpose it forms a stunning and unique backdrop to what is already one of Israel’s finest beaches.

A row of wonderfully preserved arches built from golden stone span much of the length of the what is for obvious reasons known as Caesarea Aqueduct Beach. An otherwise undeveloped stretch of golden sand running along the bright blue waters of the Mediterranean sea this beach is as beautiful as it is unique.

This is a popular beach, although there isn’t much in the way of facilities. You can swim and surf here, although there isn’t a lifeguard on duty.

For diving enthusiasts there is something really special in Caesarea - the “Underwater Museum” in the Caesarea National Park. Here you can dive through the submerged ruins of Caesarea Maritima.

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