Best Beaches In & Around Haifa

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Map featuring Haifa beaches. Click on pins to view beach details
  • 1. Dor HaBonim

    Dor HaBonim
    © Lehava Beitshean

    Travel time from Haifa: approx 0.5 hrs

    Those in the know describe HaBonim Beach - "Generation of Builders" - as the most beautiful in all Israel. It is part of the HaBonim Nature Reserve, where the wind and waves have sculpted rocky inlets and hills alongside this rugged stretch of coast. These provide fabulous walks of discovery, stunning views and amazing photographic opportunities. You will find lots of interesting fauna and flora to enjoy and when the… read more »

  • 2. Caesarea Aqueduct Beach

    Caesarea Aqueduct Beach
    Shai knaani

    Travel time from Haifa: approx 1 hr

    Roughly halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa is Caesarea, a coastal town bursting with history. Dating back to the reign of King Herod, 2000 years ago, Caesarea was a major port. Today the remains of the harbor are one of several surviving archaeological gems to be found here.

    One such surviving ancient structure is the Caesarea Aqueduct which carried water to the old city for over a thousand years. Although… read more »

  • 3. Nahsholim beach

    Nahsholim beach

    Travel time from Haifa: approx 0.5 hrs

    Set at the foot of the Mount Carmel range with white sands and clear blue water blue waters, this is a pristine beach on the Mediterranean Sea. Nahsholim Beach is wide and long, and there is plenty of room for everyone to enjoy it. This stretch of coast is divided up into a number of smaller coves, each with its own character. Most have little islands just offshore and some… read more »

  • 4. Dor beach

    Dor beach
    Jesse Davis

    Travel time from Haifa: approx 0.5 hrs

    read more »
  • 5. Achziv


    Travel time from Haifa: approx 0.5 hrs

    While Jerusalem may be enticing from an antiquities perspective, any visit to Israel should include at least a day out on one of its many magnificent beaches. In this respect the lush verdant hills and pristine beaches in the north of Israel have a lot to offer. Here, we check out Achziv Beach, a lovely strip of sand on Israel's northern coastline some 5 kilometres / approximately 3 miles north… read more »

  • 6. Beit Yanai

    Beit Yanai
    © yoni leibtag Pikiwiki Israel / CC BY

    Travel time from Haifa: approx 1 hr

    Beit Yanai ("House of Yanai") is a small settlement and community of farmers with a population around 450. Formed in 1933 by settlers from Poland and Lithuania, this settlement is in the Sharon plain in central Israel. Known for its beach of the same name, this coast ranks among the best in Israel thanks to its long and wide stretches of white sand along the eastern shores of the Mediterranean… read more »

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