Best Beaches In & Around Ashdod

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Map featuring Ashdod beaches. Click on pins to view beach details
  • 1. Gordon Beach

    Gordon Beach
    Dennis Jarvis

    Travel time from Ashdod: approx 0.5 hrs

    The name Tel Aviv means "hill of spring", but this modern city started out as a new neighbourhood called Ahuzat Bayit in 1910. Situated just north of the ancient port city of Jaffa, Tel Aviv soon assumed the distinction of being the main commercial hub of Israel. Moreover, it became a hotshot tourist destination too. The residents of Jerusalem make the 67 kilometre / 42 mile journey in under an… read more »

  • 2. Hilton Beach

    Hilton Beach
    © Deror avi

    Travel time from Ashdod: approx 1 hr

    As you might have guessed Tel Aviv's Hilton Beach gets its name from the Hilton Hotel which overlooks the beach. But this isn't a private hotel beach. Far from it this is one of the most bustling, diverse beaches in Tel Aviv.

    Popular with both locals and tourists alike this central beach is a series of well-manicured sandy crescents separated by rocky breakwaters. Not only do the breakwaters help keep the… read more »

  • 3. Frishman Beach

    Frishman Beach

    Travel time from Ashdod: approx 0.5 hrs

    Frishman beach is one of the most central, and hence most popular, beaches in Tel Aviv. That is not to say it isn't one of the best though. A wide stretch of soft golden sand in front of the colourful facade of the Dan Hotel this is everything a city beach should be.

    Often cited as one of the best family friendly beaches in Tel Aviv, Frishman beach lives up to… read more »

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