Turkish Steps Beach (Scala dei Turchi)

Scala dei Turchi, better known as Turkish Steps, is a stunningly beautiful area on the south coast of Sicily, near the town of Agrigento. Carved by salt-laden wind and rain, the dazzling white rocks provide natural steps down into the clear blue Mediterranean Sea.

The rock is soft limestone and white marl which creates a blinding white colour. From a distance, the rocks look like a white marble staircase rising up the cliffside.

In times of old the protected bay was a favourite hideout for Arab pirates (known as Turks), hence the name. They would climb up the “staircase” and raid local villages.

Today the terraced layers of smooth white stone are more popular for sunbathing after a cooling dip in the sea. You can also walk or scramble along them overlooking the coastal views.

The easiest way to visit the Turkish Steps is by boat but you can also walk from the adjoining beach to the west.

Rich in history, legend and outstanding natural beauty, these Turkish Steps are a Sicilian icon and a popular landmark to visit. There is a pay and display car park nearby and two areas for swimming and dining.

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Scala dei Turchi


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