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Akajima Beach (Nishibama)

Akajima, pronounced Akashima, is an island forming part of the Kerama Islands group in Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture. Nicknamed “Aka”, this is a popular holiday destination from both Okinawa and the mainland. Situated roughly midway between the northern tip of Taiwan and mainland Japan’s southern-most point, Aka enjoys a near tropical climate. It has a permanent population of just over 300 residents which it shares with its southern neighbour, Geruma Island.

Access to Aka is by means of frequent ferry crossings between Okinawa Main Island (Tomarin Port) and the Kerama Island Group. This takes either 60 to 90 minutes by ferry depending on whether you catch a fast or slow connection. Once you arrive on the island bicycles are the favoured way of getting around Aka.

The ocean surrounding Akajima feeds off the Kuroshio Current, which means healthy coral reefs and a rich diversity of sea life. Diving is the perhaps the biggest attraction around Aka, as it is in most parts of Okinawa. Coral reefs surround most of the islands, with calm waters and abundant colourful tropical fish. High season is from April to October and the off-season runs from November to March. There is also much interest in the area from late December through to early April, as this is the breeding season for humpback whales.

Of the island’s beaches Nishibama beach is possibly the best. A stunning powder-white stretch of soft sand (crushed coral) along a clear turquoise shoreline. It is about a 30-minute bike-ride northeast of the ferry terminal situated at the southern tip of the island of Akajima. Once you reach the beach, you can rent snorkelling equipment for around 1,000 Yen or less than $10 US.

Locals are quick to point out that Nishibama beach forms part of a nature reserve, meaning snorkelling is restricted to designated areas. It is not a good idea to step on coral for several reasons; in fact, the local lifeguards have very loud megaphones to warn offending bathers. Snorkelers can enjoy viewing many fish varieties without having to swim far from the shore.

If you want to have a car-free beach holiday, this destination is the perfect place to arrive by ferry, and go exploring on foot or bicycle. Guesthouses are available on the island.

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Akajima Beach Weather Info

Current weather (Wed Feb 26th 15:00)


22°C / 72°F

Sea temperature
Wind WSW
Rain 0.9mm
Sunrise 07:11
Sunset 19:14
Current weather

Week weather forecast

Wed 26th
Light rain showers 21°C / 70°F SW

8 mph
13 km/h

Thu 27th
Partly cloudy 20°C / 68°F NNE

14 mph
23 km/h

Fri 28th
Cloudy 20°C / 68°F SE

12 mph
19 km/h

Sat 29th
Cloudy 21°C / 70°F S

10 mph
15 km/h

Sun 01st
Fair 22°C / 72°F S

12 mph
20 km/h

Mon 02nd
Partly cloudy 21°C / 70°F NNW

11 mph
17 km/h

5 Day Akajima Beach UV Index

UV Index scale

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Temperature Averages

Average Water Temp

Akajima Beach tide times & sea state

  • Thu 27/02 »
    Surf report for Thu 27/02
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    6:00 4ft 9s  °  ° 19mph
    12:00 5ft 8s  °  ° 19mph
    18:00 6ft 7s  °  ° 20mph
    Tide times
    Low 2:37am (0.03m)
    High 8:52am (1.79m)
    Low 2:48pm (0.30m)
    High 8:52pm (1.87m)
    First light06:34
  • Fri 28/02 »
    Surf report for Fri 28/02
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    6:00 4ft 8s  °  ° 13mph
    12:00 4ft 8s  °  ° 15mph
    18:00 4ft 8s  °  ° 11mph
    Tide times
    Low 3:09am (0.13m)
    High 9:21am (1.77m)
    Low 3:24pm (0.28m)
    High 9:31pm (1.78m)
    First light06:33
  • Sat 29/02 »
    Surf report for Sat 29/02
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    6:00 4ft 7s  °  ° 13mph
    12:00 4ft 6s  °  ° 17mph
    18:00 4ft 8s  °  ° 14mph
    Tide times
    Low 3:42am (0.27m)
    High 9:51am (1.73m)
    Low 4:03pm (0.30m)
    High 10:14pm (1.65m)
    First light06:32
  • Sun 01/03 »
    Surf report for Sun 01/03
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    6:00 4ft 8s  °  ° 18mph
    12:00 4ft 8s  °  ° 18mph
    18:00 4ft 7s  °  ° 16mph
    Tide times
    Low 4:15am (0.44m)
    High 10:23am (1.67m)
    Low 4:47pm (0.34m)
    High 11:02pm (1.50m)
    First light06:31
  • Mon 02/03 »
    Surf report for Mon 02/03
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    6:00 4ft 6s  °  ° 13mph
    12:00 4ft 6s  °  ° 14mph
    18:00 4ft 7s  °  ° 17mph
    Tide times
    Low 4:52am (0.61m)
    High 11:00am (1.60m)
    Low 5:41pm (0.41m)
    First light06:30
  • Tue 03/03 »
    Surf report for Tue 03/03
      Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
      Swell Wind
    6:00 4ft 7s  °  ° 14mph
    12:00 4ft 7s  °  ° 11mph
    18:00 3ft 8s  °  ° 12mph
    Tide times
    High 12:06am (1.34m)
    Low 5:36am (0.79m)
    High 11:47am (1.51m)
    Low 6:53pm (0.46m)
    First light06:29

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