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Monica Beach is located on the northern outskirts of Casablanca. A wide stretch of whitish golden sand, the beach here is well known for surfing. It is something of a tricky location because there are quite a few rocks scatterd around the shoreline, but it is fine at high tide. More confident surfers enjoy the challenge of surfing here and you will see plenty of locals doing it, but this is not a spot for beginners.

One of the highlights of Monica beach is its proximity to Casablanca. This is the biggest, and possibly most cosmopolitan city in Morocco. There are no shortage of things to do when you aren’t relaxing on the beach taking in the sights.

You will find upscale waterfront restaurants, view the art deco architecture, and tour the inside of the Mosque Hassan II, a rare opportunity to go inside a mosque. Explore the markets to get a glimpse of local life, and check out the growing art scene.

Be sure to visit the Royal Palace and the Cathedrale Sacre Coeur. There are also a few museums that are worth visiting. The main part of Casablanca can resemble many other modern cities, but there are still plenty of reminders of the spirit and charm of years past. The city is generally pretty safe, as there is a strong police presence.

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