Hot Water Beach

Not your run-of-the-mill beach by any means, Hot Water Beach gets its name, not from the waters of the Pacific Ocean it meets, but from two underground naturally heated springs that well up through the soft sand two hours either side of low tide.

Rent a spade from the onsite café and prepare your very own private spa, relaxing in mineral rich waters up to 64°C in temperature, just a few metres from the roar of the Pacific and with views out to Castle Island. To avoid disappointment, it’s worth making a note of the local low tide times, as these shift daily.

Located on the eastern coast of the Coromandel Peninsula around 12 kilometres from Whitianga, swimming is not recommended from Hot Water Beach within 50 metres of the offshore rocks on either side. This is where the sources of the hot springs can be found, but it’s the strength of the currents here that have led to the warning. Swimming should only take place between the flags denoting the safe zone, when lifeguards are on duty.

Hot Water Beach is a good spot if you’re an experienced surfer and have a board in tow. Head to the northern end of the beach, where you will find the best breaks, and surf in the company of others for added safety.

Hot Water Beach also benefits from being just five minutes from Cathedral Cove. Reached on foot or by boat, this is a truly idyllic stretch of sand that boasts great snorkelling opportunities.

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