Koekohe Beach

Moeraki beach boulders
Koekohe beach

The long sandy beach at Koekohe is famous for one thing - the Moeraki Boulders. These particularly large spherical boulders are technically known as septarian concretions. Some of the rocks measure nearly 3 metres across and most have a cracks in their surfaces making them appear like some sort of giant dinosaur eggs. The fact that they are hollow

The traditional Māori explanation for the rocks existence is even less likely. The legend is that they are the remains of eel baskets washed up from the wreck of the Āraiteuru, the large sailing canoe which brought their ancestors to the South Island.

In fact they were formed over 60 million years ago from prehistoric mud. It is believed their spherical shape is because they actually 'grew' in a process of crystallisation which lasted around 5 million years. Originally they were buried in the sea floor but as this rose up into cliffs and was eroded the harder boulders were revealed.

As well as the bizarre boulders Koekohe beach is also home to some interesting wildlife. There is a yellow-eyed penguin sanctuary, a seal colony and Hectors dolphins can be seen playing in the waves off the beach.

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Koekohe Beach tide times

Mon 10th December

High 05:42am (2.06m)
Low 12:06pm (0.56m)
High 06:04pm (1.95m)

Tue 11th December

Low 12:23am (0.55m)
High 06:27am (2.01m)
Low 12:49pm (0.59m)
High 06:50pm (1.90m)

Wed 12th December

Low 01:06am (0.58m)
High 07:11am (1.96m)
Low 01:33pm (0.63m)
High 07:37pm (1.86m)

Thu 13th December

Low 01:50am (0.62m)
High 07:55am (1.92m)
Low 02:18pm (0.66m)
High 08:25pm (1.84m)

Today's weather

Light rain

13 °C
(55 °F)

Moderate breeze, 20.2 km/h from ENE

Sea temperature

12.8°C / 55°F


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