North America's Top 50+ Beaches

  • Asilomar State Beach // USA

    Asilomar State Beach
    Maxwell Pearl

    Asilomar State Beach is a beautiful stretch of golden sand located on California's Monterey Peninsula. It is a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, surfing, and tidepooling. The beach is also home to the Asilomar Conference Grounds, a historic resort and conference center. 

    The one-mile long beach that is made up of both sandy areas and rocky coves and forms part of the… read more »

  • Nantasket Beach // USA

    Nantasket Beach
    Rob McCready

    Nantasket Beach lines the coast of Hull town in the greater Boston area. At high tide, it takes the form of a relatively narrow but long stretch of fine greyish sand running for around four kilometres. The low tide reveals an expansive area of rock pools. When walking along the water line, visitors should watch out for large pebbles, which… read more »

  • Pololu Beach // USA

    Pololu Beach

    Set on a remote stretch of coast near the northern tip of the Big Island is the pristine black sand Pololu beach. Only accessible by driving to the end of Highway 270 and then walking the remaining quarter mile, this spot has something of a primeval feel to it - definitely a bit Jurassic Park.

    Pololu Beach lies at the foot… read more »

  • Mahai'ula Beach // USA

    Mahai'ula Beach

    Set within Kekaha Kai State Park, Mahai'ula Beach is the most southerly of three beautiful white sand beaches. It is also usually the quietest, although part of the reason for this is that the road down to the beach is really bad.

    The crescent of sand at Mahai'ula is backed with plenty of shade from the ironwood trees and clumps of coconut palms. Set… read more »

  • Nauset Beach // USA

    Nauset Beach

    Running along the Atlantic east coast of Cape Cod, between Coast Guard Beach and Chatham Harbor for around 10 miles, Nauset Beach is the longest on the cape. This beautifully pristine stretch of fine, near-white sand is backed by low grassy dunes for much of its length giving it a wild feel.

    Much of the year this part of the… read more »

  • South Cape Beach // USA

    South Cape Beach

    Stretching for about a mile, the near-white sands of South Cape Beach are a wonderfully wild yet accessible part of the Cape Cod coast. Beyond the dunes the beach backs onto an area of wetlands and the estuary of Waquoit Bay. Out front are the sheltered waters of Vineyard Sound, a far cry from the Atlantic waves to be found… read more »

  • Stanhope Beach // Canada

    Stanhope Beach
    © Howard

    Located on PEI's north shore Stanhope Beach is one of the quieter beaches on the island despite its abundant charms. Just under 25 kilometres from the main settlement of Charlottetown, the beach here comprises a generous strip of near-white sand (with a hint of pink) backed by low grassy dunes.

    Stanhope Beach is actually the name of the park which contains… read more »