North America's Top 50+ Beaches

  • Dune de Bouctouche // Canada

    Dune de Bouctouche
    © Ultimograph5 / CC BY

    Located on Route 475 in New Brunswick, the Dune de Bouctouche is in a remote and uncrowded area. The name comes from a native Mi'kmaq word meaning "Great little harbour" which refers to the nearby riverside town of Bouctouche.

    Stretching for 12km, Bouctouche is one of the longest dunes on North America's East Coast. The dunes and golden sandy beach… read more »

  • Moonstone Beach // USA

    Moonstone Beach
    © Jar965

    Located in Cambria, San Luis Obispo County, central California, Moonstone Beach is made up of a dark sand the colour of brown sugar. Located within Hearst San Simeon State Park, it has also no facilities.

    However, Moonstone Beach does boast a number of attractions that make it well worth a visit. A mile-long boardwalk runs from Moonstone Beach Park at Santa… read more »

  • Caspersen Beach // USA

    Caspersen Beach

    Florida's Gulf Coast has some of the best white sandy beaches in the world (with the awards to prove it) but Caspersen Beach is rather special. It is known as the "Shark Tooth Capital of the World" for reasons which are explained below.

    Close to Venice, Caspersen Beach stretches along the Gulf of Mexico for 1.5 miles and is a… read more »

  • Darkwood Beach // The Caribbean

    Darkwood Beach

    Darkwood Beach sits just to the south of Jolly Harbour and its resort village. Situated on Half Hyde Bay, it forms part of the sandbar carrying Valley Road and separating the waters of the Caribbean Sea from those of a large lagoon.

    Approximately 300 metres in length, the white sand at Darkwood Beach is widest at its southernmost end, tapering to… read more »

  • Deep Bay Beach // The Caribbean

    Deep Bay Beach
    Andrew Moore

    Lining the western side of a thin spit of land leading towards the ruins of historic Fort Barrington and its surrounding national park, Deep Bay Beach sits on Antigua's west coast. Around 20 minutes by road from St John's cruise ship terminal, it's also common to arrive by catamaran and anchoring off this relatively narrow strip of curving white sand… read more »

  • Playa Bueycabón // The Caribbean

    Playa Bueycabón
    DnTrotaMundos ☮

    Playa Bueycabón lies approximately 20 kilometres from the centre of Santiago de Cuba along highway 20, on Cuba's southern Caribbean Sea coastline. Located in a deep bay with calm waters as a result, Playa Bueycabón rarely becomes crowded, ensuring a feeling of tranquillity.

    Those looking to absorb some vitamin D can make use of the sun loungers and thatched parasols which… read more »

  • Barking Sands Beach // USA

    Barking Sands Beach
    © Gh5046

    Barking Sands Beach is part of the 140-acre Polihale State Park which is one of Hawaii's longest beaches. The sand stretches for over 12 miles and includes towering sand dunes that rise to a height of 100 feet.

    The movement of the masses of sand is what gave the beach its curious name. The dry grains of sand have… read more »

  • Playa Paraiso // The Caribbean

    Playa Paraiso
    © sergey02

    Playa Paraiso is a fabulous stretch of beach where soft, powdery white sand runs parallel to a turquoise sea, all under an almost eternally clear blue sky. It is sandwiched between Playa Blanca and Playa Sirena beaches to the east and west respectively. These and a number of other top-rated beaches are dotted around the resort island of Cayo Largo,… read more »

  • Moshup Beach // USA

    Moshup Beach
    C. S. Imming

    Located on the exclusive barrier island of Martha's Vineyard, Moshup Beach aka Aquinnah Public Beach is a gem. It's also known as Gay Head or referred to by locals as "the cliffs beach" as that's what it is.

    The cliffs are multicolored providing a stunning and dramatic backdrop to the beach. These cliffs are so special they are a National Landmark… read more »

  • Playa Espadilla // Costa Rica

    Playa Espadilla
    Fer Quintana

    The popular tourist beach of Playa Espadilla has soft sands that stretch for a mile along the coast of the Manuel Antonio National Park. It is the closest beach to Manuel Antonio village, and you will find many people relaxing under umbrellas next to the emerald green waters.

    There are quite often waves at Playa Espadilla, but as it is… read more »

  • Playa Cocles // Costa Rica

    Playa Cocles
    © Simon Dannhauer

    One of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica is located near Puerto Viejo. The popular Playa Cocles Beach has tan sands and beautiful clear turquoise waters. It is easily accessible, and consists of nearly two miles of white sand fringed with palm trees and lush greenery as a backdrop.

    Playa Cocles is one of the most popular spots for surfing… read more »

  • Ko Olina // USA

    Ko Olina
    © Michelle Maria

    Ko Olina is a gorgeous 2 miles stretch of coastline with a series of sandy coves and several natural and manmade lagoons. The name "Ko Olina" means "fulfillment of joy" and was originally a fishing camp for native Hawaiian rulers.

    Just a short distance from Honolulu and the North Shore, Ko Olina is a popular and beautiful beach to visit… read more »

  • Bonny Doon Beach // USA

    Bonny Doon Beach
    Nick Amoscato

    Pretty Bonny Doon Beach is a gorgeous sandy cove backed by high cliffs and flower-covered slopes creating a natural amphitheatre.

    Situated just off the Cabrillo Highway near Bonny Doon Road in Santa Cruz, it is part of Coast Dairies State Park with free parking but no facilities. The paved parking lot is open 8am to sunset but it quickly… read more »

  • Pacific City Beach // USA

    Pacific City Beach
    Loren Kerns

    Pacific City Beach is a hugely diverse landscape, though the attention of most people will fall immediately on the its wide expanse of gently undulating sand.

    At its southern extreme is a spit of land created by the Big Nestucca River entering the Pacific Ocean which attracts everything from herons to puffins, making the beach popular with bird watchers. Seals, sea… read more »

  • Collins Beach // USA

    Collins Beach
    © Just Me BN

    Collins Beach is a rare thing - not an ocean beach but a river one. It is located on the eastern side of Sauvie Island, on the border between Oregon and Washington state, with sands that disappear beneath the waters of the Columbia River.

    Approximately 1.5 kilometres in length, it is also worth noting that Collins Beach is in part a… read more »