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Sitting at the foot of the Anaga mountains in the north west of Tenerife is Las Teresitas beach. Despite the mile long sweeping curve of golden sand Las Teresitas manages to just slip under the tourist radar - strange when it has probably featured on more postcards than any other beach on the island! That isn't to say it doesn't get busy; it is popular with locals and plenty of visitors do make it here, after all its just a short bus ride from the island's capital, Santa Cruz. However, the natural allure of this beach makes it worth sharing with a few others.
But wait a second! Did you say golden sand? On Tenerife? Isn't all the sand here of the black, volcanic variety?! Well actually the sand is imported from the not-so-far-away Sahara desert. And that's not the only thing that is "enhanced" here; there is a breakwater running the length of the beach to keep the sea calm and a sprinkling of palm trees along the back of the beach. Add all this to some of the best seafood restaurants on the island in the village of San Andrés and this is a great spot.

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Las Teresitas Beach tide times

Tue 11th December

High 03:08am (2.24m)
Low 09:27am (0.68m)
High 03:30pm (2.02m)
Low 09:31pm (0.77m)

Wed 12th December

High 03:44am (2.15m)
Low 10:07am (0.77m)
High 04:09pm (1.93m)
Low 10:12pm (0.87m)

Thu 13th December

High 04:25am (2.05m)
Low 10:53am (0.86m)
High 04:56pm (1.84m)
Low 10:59pm (0.97m)

Fri 14th December

High 05:14am (1.96m)
Low 11:49am (0.94m)
High 05:54pm (1.77m)

Today's weather

Partly cloudy

20 °C
(68 °F)

Gentle breeze, 13 km/h from NE

Sea temperature

20°C / 68°F


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