Durdle Door


Durdle Door
Durdle Door rock arch



Durdle Door is the name of the limestone rock arch at the eastern end of this sand and shingle cove. Located on Dorset's World Heritage Jurassic Coast this is just one of several geological curiosities within a stone's throw of each other. The beach sits at the base of high, white limestone cliffs and is only accessible from neighbouring Lulworth Cove via lots and lots of steps. This ensures it is never too busy! Durdle Door beach is renowned for its clear calm waters; along with interesting rock formations and caves, it's a great spot for snorkelling or just to explore.

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Durdle Door tide times

Fri 14th December

Low 02:33am (0.87m)
High 10:28am (1.83m)
Low 03:14pm (0.85m)
High 05:46pm (0.98m)
Low 06:57pm (0.97m)
High 11:05pm (1.53m)

Sat 15th December

Low 02:59am (0.94m)
High 11:16am (1.72m)
Low 03:56pm (0.92m)
High 06:56pm (1.02m)
Low 07:54pm (1.01m)
High 11:59pm (1.47m)

Sun 16th December

Low 03:44am (1.02m)
High 12:12pm (1.64m)
Low 05:25pm (0.94m)
High 08:14pm (1.02m)
Low 09:07pm (1.02m)

Mon 17th December

High 01:03am (1.47m)
Low 05:30am (1.08m)
High 08:52am (1.25m)
Low 09:50am (1.24m)
High 01:21pm (1.61m)
Low 06:49pm (0.89m)
High 09:13pm (0.98m)
Low 10:10pm (0.97m)

Today's weather

Heavy rain

4 °C
(39 °F)

Fresh breeze, 31 km/h from SE

Sea temperature

12.2°C / 54°F


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