Minh Chau Beach

You’ll find Minch Chau Beach on Quan Lan island’s northeast coast, in the top corner of Vietnam close to the border with China. If you’re exploring the country’s far north, you should certainly consider making the ferry journey across the bay, so that you too can take in this one kilometre stretch of paradise.

Although Minh Chau Beach can be busy with the arrival of the weekend crowd, the rest of the week there tends to be just a handful of visitors, opting between lazing on the sand, enjoying the seafood at the beachside restaurants, or hiring out a kayak for an exploration of the warm, calm waters ringing the island.

For the most part comprising spectacular fine white sand, its edges are studded with small rocks partially buried in the sand, but even these manage to be incredibly picturesque on the eye.

There’s a campsite close to the beach, and a growing number of accommodation options, but no ATM at present. The beach’s nightlife is also limited, with few bars or nightclubs outside of what the hotels have to offer.

Nearest town/city

Cẩm Phả Mines

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  • Cafe/restaurant

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28.2°C / 83°F

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