Playa Cole Cole (Chiloé National Park)

Playa Cole Cole is a beach that very few visitors ever make it to because it is hidden away in the Chiloe National Park and bordered by jungle. It is difficult to access this spot, so visitors often plan to spend the night on a tent on the beach and return the following day. With its long crescent of pristine, white sand, crystal-clear blue waters and backed by the lush green hills we think it is well worth the trek.

There is a 15.8 km walk from the road to the beach from Cucao and in addition you need to register with the Chiloe National Park before venturing down the dirt path. Getting to Playa Cole Cole is all part of the adventure and you will cross a small lagoon whilst keeping a lookout for a hill. You will need to climb this hill, and then, finally, is the beach below.

This beach is on Chile’s largest island, Chiloe. It has a huge population of wildlife, and there are different trekking tours you can take. You can even go on horseback to this incredible location. This island has so much to offer that you could easily spend a week here, just exploring.

You will find campsites and basic services at Cole Cole, but otherwise, you have to say in Cucao, which is a hike away.

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Chiloé National Park

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