Grenen Beach

  • Grenen Beach - Denmark
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  • Grenen Beach - Denmark
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  • Grenen Beach - Denmark
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One of the most unique places in Denmark, Grenen sits at the very northernmost tip of the country on a narrow peninsula. The name translates as “The Branch” and this refers to this long spit of land barely a kilometre wide. That special location makes it one of the best beaches to catch the roaring waves that are so much a part of Danish west coast beaches. Here the Skagerrak (part of the North Sea) and Kattegat sea meet, the waves from the two seas crashing into one another and spraying the beach and beach goers alike with fresh sea foam.

The beach itself is a mixture of long-standing gravel and freshly-deposited sand, creating a clearly visible “tip” that juts out further into the sea. This process is still ongoing, and the spit has increased by 1 km over the past century. For the best views of the beach you can make the climb to the top of the 44 metre tall Det Grå Fyr (Skagen Grey lighthouse).

Birds of spring frequent the lagoons behind the beach, and they’re far from the only animals that call it home. Indeed, Grenen is one of the best beaches to get a taste of Denmark’s coastal wildlife. Seals are a frequent feature on the beach here, sunbathing along with the patrons. The plant life around the beach is also quite eye-catching, with lush dunes and sprinklings of vegetation everywhere.

If you’re in the mood for some culture, you can take a break from the waves and check out the home of one of Denmark’s greatest poets and painters, Holger Drachmann. His grave is nearby, while his home is a museum honoring his work.

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