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Bingin Beach - Indonesia
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Bingin beach is situated on the west coast of the Bukit Peninsula in the south of Bali not far from Uluwatu. Despite being one of the best beaches in the area it is also a little more low key.

Nestled between Dreamland Beach and Padang Padang, Pantai Bingin is somewhat hidden. Most first time visitors think they’ve come the wrong way when they end up down a back alley. But rest assured this is the way and soon enough a stunning ocean view will open up in front of you. From here you just need to negotiate a couple of hundred steps before you hit the powdery white sand.

As you will probably come to expect of a beach on the Bukit Peninsula, Bingin has some amazing surf. The break is located to the right side of the beach and is one of the best waves in Bali. A barrelling left-hander, the wave at Bingin breaks over shallow reef so is best suited to experienced surfers.

The best time to visit Bingin beach depends. If you want to take a dip in the clear blue sea, or snorkel on the coral reef, high tide is best - when there is enough water to cover the reef. The only problem with high tide is mush of the sand disappears so it can feel a little too cosy. If you come at low tide you can walk around to the neighbouring beaches over the reef.

The beach is backed by a selection warungs serving the usual fare of fresh coconuts and snacks along with some more permanent looking cafes and restaurants. There are also a few places to stay ranging from shacks on the beach to guest houses perched on the cliffs.

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