Coral Beach (Eilat)

  • Coral Beach - Israel
  • Coral Beach - Israel
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We are on Coral Beach in Eilat, Israel’s most southerly city at the northern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba. This is a stone’s throw from the Jordanian city of Aqaba, a few kilometres to the east of Eilat, while the Egyptian border is but a few kilometres to the southwest. Saudi Arabia borders with Jordan on the right flank of the Gulf of Aqaba and is visible from Eilat.

Central Eilat, or the promenade area and vicinity around the central square is easy to cover on foot, although during summer the scorching temperature can make walking unpleasant. A limited bus system serves the south beach, where Eilat coral reef and beach await discovery a couple of kilometres southwest of the city on Route 90.

Few things attracts avid beach and water enthusiasts more than the sight of perfectly clear blue water seen against a backdrop of majestic purple mountains cascading into the warm sea. All this, from a white sandy beach in the middle of the desert! Eilat in Israel is one such place where visitors can enjoy this panorama. The morning sun rises from behind the mountains of the Moav to the east and sets in the evening behind the mountains of Eilat in the west.

The Red Sea rightfully claims some of the top coral reefs in the world and Eilat’s is up there with the best. The reef here extends for over 1,200 meters along the shores of Coral beach, and is one of the northernmost reefs in the world, and the only one of its kind in Israel - naturally, this is a nature reserve!
Its mazes, bays, deep canyons, and the abundant colourful fish that reside amidst the beautiful coral have made this an internationally renowned dive site.  Here, diving and snorkelling enthusiasts converge in search of serene underwater world experiences, with incredible marine landscapes on offer. The view from the ocean surface is pretty impressive too.

This special sanctuary is a small but fascinating section of the Red Sea’s reef system, teeming with colourful, exotic fish and sea creatures. Thanks to the prevalent southerly offshore winds, all you need do is drift and paddle leisurely before falling into the water and viewing the reef through your mask at surface level.

Once you reach the southern tip of the reef, simply head for shore and walk back to the starting point for another round of wonderful floating over the incredible reef below. Comfortable changing rooms with showers and an open-air snack bar are on tap, so no worries in terms of facilities. Snorkels, masks, and fins are also available on a rental basis.

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