Isola Bella


Isola Bella beach, Sicily
Isola Bella, Sicily
Photo: © Gnuckx / CC BY
Isola Bella
Photo: © Gnuckx / CC BY



Also known as the "Pearl of the Ionian Sea", Isola Bella is a tiny island in a protected bay on Sicily's west coast. With crystal clear azul waters and a backdrop of mountains and pine forests this is a truly beautiful spot.

The beach here is a pair of coarse, stony sand crescents either side of the island which meet to form a narrow spit of beach connecting Isola Bella to the main land. As well as soaking up the sun there's plenty to do here; the snorkelling is great and the little island itself is well worth exploring. There is a small house on the island and a series of paths and grottoes set amongst the pines. Since 1990 it has been a nature reserve and is home to several species of birds and lizards.

There is a little cafe overlooking the beach which is a great spot to sit back and enjoy the view. In the summer months it does tend to get a little busy here so my advice would be to find a spot with a nice view over the beach and relax...

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Isola Bella Weather Info

Weekly Isola Bella UV Index

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Isola Bella tide times

Thu 24th January

High 05:48am (1.67m)
Low 12:02pm (0.30m)
High 06:10pm (1.64m)

Fri 25th January

Low 12:21am (0.37m)
High 06:26am (1.59m)
Low 12:40pm (0.38m)
High 06:50pm (1.55m)

Sat 26th January

Low 01:01am (0.47m)
High 07:07am (1.47m)
Low 01:18pm (0.50m)
High 07:34pm (1.43m)

Sun 27th January

Low 01:43am (0.60m)
High 07:53am (1.34m)
Low 02:02pm (0.62m)
High 08:28pm (1.31m)

Isola Bella sea state

Today's weather


9 °C
(48 °F)

Moderate breeze, 22 km/h from SSE

Sea temperature

15°C / 59°F


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