La Pelosa


La Pelosa - turquoise waters
La Pelosa, Sardinia



Lying at the foot of Capo Falcone on the north-western tip of Sardinia is one of the islands most stunning beaches. A stretch of white sand and shallow, turquoise waters make La Pelosa everything you could desire from a Mediterranean beach. In addition to all this the beach has a secure enclosed feeling with the island of Piana just offshore and guarding the channel to the north a sixteenth century watchtower. It is this round granite tower that you will see in all the photos of La Pelosa and it can easily be reached on foot, although access into the tower is forbidden.

This part of Sardinia is wild and beautiful with nature present in abundance. The azure sea is also teaming with life and the snorkelling is good whilst safe. If you are serious about your diving there are plenty of excursions around Capo Falcone.

Whilst there are some facilities at La Pelosa, the nearby fishing village of Stintino is within walking distance and there are plenty of places to eat here, as well as a more lovely beaches and a harbour.

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La Pelosa Weather Info

Weekly La Pelosa UV Index

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La Pelosa tide times

Thu 24th January

Low 03:18am (0.29m)
High 10:10am (0.58m)
Low 04:47pm (0.34m)
High 10:11pm (0.46m)

Fri 25th January

Low 04:01am (0.31m)
High 10:53am (0.56m)
Low 05:37pm (0.34m)
High 11:07pm (0.45m)

Sat 26th January

Low 04:47am (0.34m)
High 11:38am (0.54m)
Low 06:31pm (0.35m)

Sun 27th January

High 12:17am (0.44m)
Low 05:40am (0.37m)
High 12:25pm (0.51m)
Low 07:33pm (0.35m)

La Pelosa sea state

Today's weather


3 °C
(37 °F)

Light breeze, 9 km/h from SE

Sea temperature

14.4°C / 58°F


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