Minori and Maiori beach

Minori beach - Amalfi Coast
Photo: © Perseo Medusa
Maiori Beach in the winter
Photo: © Sabine Cretella / CC BY
Minori town and beach
Photo: © Donar Reiskoffer / CC BY

For some reason these two neigbouring beaches on Italy's Amalfi Coast are always mentioned in the same breath. So, here you get two fantastic Italian beaches for the price of one!

Now, my limited knowledge of all things Latin tells me Maiori means something bigger and Minori something smaller, which sums up these beaches. The beach at Maiori is in fact the longest stretch of unbroken sand on the whole Amalfi Coast.

Both beaches back onto historic fishing villages which cling to the infeasibly steep hillsides rising up from the beach. Minori is the prettier of the two, but this is in part due to much of Maiori's historic centre being destroyed by floods in the 1950s. Minori is also home to an ancient Roman villa (the Villa Marittima Romana) - this area was popular with tourists even back then. The villa is remarkably well preserved and is well worth tearing yourself away from the beach to visit, as is the church of Santa Trofimena.

But enough of the culture! What about Minori's beach? The beach is around 250 metres long and faces southwards into the clear blue Mediterranean. As with many Italian beaches there are private parts of the beach, however, there are public sections to either side of these. At the western end of the beach there is a long pier where you can take a stroll or get on a boat trip along the beautiful coast.

Just around the corner is Maiori beach; nearly 1 km of sandy beach. However, before you get too excited and imagine yourself galloping across the beach, most of the sand is given over to the private beach clubs. So, unless you want to pay a premium for your lounger you'll be squashed in with the hoi polloi.

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First light05:15

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First light05:16

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