Rabbit Beach


Rabbit beach, Lampedusa



Located on the little island of Lampedusa, 176 km (109 miles) south west of Sicily, Rabbit beach is named after its original inhabitants. Lampedusa is actually closer to the coast of North Africa than it is any other part of Italy and the weather certainly reflects this; rain is rare and summer temperatures can reach 40°C, that's well over 100°F. Of course with its remoteness, getting to the island is quite a challenge in itself and this ensures Rabbit beach never becomes as busy as it might. Rated the best beach in the world by TripAdvisor users in 2014 there is no doubting the attractions of this little beach; crystal clear azure waters, white sand, beautiful (if a little barren) surroundings and relative tranquility. It also lies in marine reserve which is home to loggerhead turtles. However, we feel, given the competition from all the other amazing beaches out there, this rating was a little too much.

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Rabbit Beach Weather Info

Weekly Rabbit Beach UV Index

UV Index scale

A UV Index reading of 3 or more means some precautions should be taken. For more information visit our guide to the UV Index.

Temperature Averages

Average Water Temp

Rabbit Beach tide times

Thu 24th January

High 05:48am (1.67m)
Low 12:02pm (0.30m)
High 06:10pm (1.64m)

Fri 25th January

Low 12:21am (0.37m)
High 06:26am (1.59m)
Low 12:40pm (0.38m)
High 06:50pm (1.55m)

Sat 26th January

Low 01:01am (0.47m)
High 07:07am (1.47m)
Low 01:18pm (0.50m)
High 07:34pm (1.43m)

Sun 27th January

Low 01:43am (0.60m)
High 07:53am (1.34m)
Low 02:02pm (0.62m)
High 08:28pm (1.31m)

Rabbit Beach sea state

Today's weather


14 °C
(57 °F)

Strong breeze, 45 km/h from WSW

Sea temperature

15.6°C / 60°F


Average: 3 (1 vote)

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