Allans Beach

Allans Beach, New Zealand
Allans Beach
Allans Beach, NZ

Allans Beach is set among the lush rolling hills of the on the Otago Peninsula, on New Zealand's South Island. It consists of a kilometre long spit of fine white sand which separates the shallow waters of Hoopers Inlet from the Pacific Ocean.

The beach here is something of a haven for wildlife; at the northern end there is a small sea lion colony, whilst the other end is home to a number of yellow-eyed penguins.

As you would expect from virtually any of New Zealand's beaches the surf here can get pretty good. Allans beach faces directly into the deep blue waters of the South Pacific with huge swells originating in the Southern Ocean common throughout the winter months.

Along with its picturesque setting, wildlife and great surf, Allans Beach is within a stone's throw of one of the South Island's main cities, Dunedin

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Allans Beach tide times

Sat 15th December

Low 03:27am (0.37m)
High 09:16am (1.62m)
Low 03:58pm (0.38m)
High 09:48pm (1.62m)

Sun 16th December

Low 04:14am (0.39m)
High 10:03am (1.63m)
Low 04:46pm (0.38m)
High 10:33pm (1.66m)

Mon 17th December

Low 05:04am (0.39m)
High 10:50am (1.66m)
Low 05:34pm (0.35m)
High 11:19pm (1.72m)

Tue 18th December

Low 05:55am (0.37m)
High 11:38am (1.71m)
Low 06:23pm (0.31m)

Today's weather

Partly cloudy

16 °C
(60 °F)

Gentle breeze, 15.1 km/h from S

Sea temperature

12.8°C / 55°F


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