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Mølen beach in Southern Norway is a fascinating place both naturally and historically. For starters it is Norway’s largest pebble beach consisting of rounded rocks varying in colour and size. In fact there are over 100 different types of rock here, mainly deposited during the last ice age 10,000 years ago. Such is the geological importance of the site, Mølen was the first UNESCO Geopark Area in the Nordic region.

The name Mølen comes from the Old Norse word “mol” which means a man made mound of stones. There are 230 of these circular burial mounds, of various sizes, scattered across the beach. Dating back to around 250 AD, the largest mounds measure over 35 metres in diameter. Not a great deal is known about the cultural significance of the site, although it is believed that the stone piles might also have been set alight to create the bodies.

Mølen has a wonderfully remote and unspoilt natural feel about it. This in part is due to the incredibly rich variety of birdlife that can be seen here. Over 300 species have been recorded, including rare migratory species. Mølen has been a protected site since the 1970s.

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