Ramberg Beach

  • Ramberg Beach - Norway
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  • Ramberg Beach - Norway
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  • Ramberg Beach - Norway
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  • Ramberg Beach - Norway
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The description of Ramberg beach on the Lofoten Islands begins like many of the other tropical beaches on the World Beach Guide. A crescent of white sands washed by crystal clear turquoise water…

...but hold on a minute. Ramberg is anything but tropical, it is located in the Arctic Circle. In fact you are more likely to be chased polar bear than a shark in these frigid waters. And the big green mountains that rise up beyond the beach might make you think of Hawaii or Tahiti but they spend much of the year covered in snow.

The beach of Ramberg is located next to a small fishing village. Despite being in the remote coastal north of Norway it is surprisingly easy to get here as Ramberg is connected by the E10 road. This road begins nearby in the village with the shortest name in the world “Å” and continues east through Sweden.

Being so far north has its advantages. Ramberg is a great spot to catch some extra rays from the midnight sun during the summer months. Whilst in the winter it is one of the best places in the world to view the Northern Lights.

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