Asia's Top 50+ Beaches

  • Akajima Beach // Japan

    Akajima Beach
    © JordyMeow / CC BY

    Akajima, pronounced Akashima, is an island forming part of the Kerama Islands group in Japan's Okinawa Prefecture. Nicknamed "Aka", this is a popular holiday destination from both Okinawa and the mainland. Situated roughly midway between the northern tip of Taiwan and mainland Japan's southern-most point, Aka enjoys a near tropical climate. It has a permanent population of just over 300… read more »

  • Sunayama Beach // Japan

    Sunayama Beach
    © Tagstock Japan

    Sunayama is situated in the north of Miyako-jima Island which is part of Japan's tropical Okinawa Prefecture. This pleasant little white sand beach is immediately identifiable by the rock arch at the southern end of the beach. The arch was formed by the exposed coral reef being eroded by the sea over the centuries.
    Besides the arch, Sunayama beach's… read more »

  • Aharen Beach // Japan

    Aharen Beach
    © Sean Pavone / 123RF

    Aharen Beach is situated on the west coast of Tokashiki Island, part of the Kerama group an hour's boat trip from Okinawa's main city, Naha. The curving white sand bay here is backed by high hills covered in lush vegetation leaving little doubt that you are in the tropics. Just off the shore, under the clear, aquamarine water is coral… read more »

  • Ein Gedi // Israel

    Ein Gedi

    Ein Gedi is a lush oasis situated between the sterile waters of the Dead Sea and the unforgiving Judean Desert. It is a hugely popular seaside resort attracting visitors from all corners of the globe, and the local economy has benefitted as demand for top-rated facilities remains insatiable. This is a unique seaside experience offering relaxing leisurely activities, together with… read more »

  • Marari Beach // India

    Marari Beach
    © Mahendra M / CC BY

    The long straight ribbon of sand that forms Marari Beach is backed by palms and slopes gently into Kerala's Arabian Sea waters. While just 11 km from Alleppey (Alappuzha), it is little known. Busiest on weekends and holidays, it remains largely undeveloped. As a result, its facilities are limited, although both sun loungers and umbrellas can be rented here.

    The… read more »

  • Puthenthope Beach // India

    Puthenthope Beach
    © Bentojustin / CC BY

    The reddish sands of Puthenthope Beach are uncrowded and known for their tranquillity. A small hamlet and a couple of high-end resorts cluster around this beach, which is situated between two man-made hills.

    The nearby coconut groves make for a wonderful place to swing gently in a hammock while enjoying the refreshing breeze that comes off the ocean.

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  • Ashvem Beach // India

    Ashvem Beach
    © David Jones / CC BY

    Ashvem Beach sits to the north of Goa's Chapora River. Despite its long stretch of golden sand washed by attractive waters, Ashvem Beach isn't as popular as other parts of the Goa coastline, perhaps because it lacks the water sports facilities of beaches further south. It makes Ashvem Beach a fine destination for those beachgoers looking for a more relaxed… read more »

  • Bogmalo Beach // India

    Bogmalo Beach

    This white sandy beach lies about four kilometres from Dabolim Airport in South Goa. 

    Bogmalo Beach is a family-friendly, ideal and unspoilt spot for some tranquility and barefoot strolls along the shore. It's situated in a small bay and there's around two kilometres of shoreline to sprawl out by.

    Lifeguards are on duty most of the time too, so feel free to… read more »

  • Tonsai Beach, Ao Nanag // Thailand

    Tonsai Beach, Ao Nanag

    Located on the mainland next to the little Tonsai resort, beautiful Tonsai Beach is a small sandy bay at the foot of steep tree-covered cliffs.

    The best way to access it is by longtail boat from Ao Nang Pier costing 100 baht (about US$3). At low tide it is possible to walk to Tonsai Beach from neighbouring Railay Beachread more »

  • Nopparat Thara Beach // Thailand

    Nopparat Thara Beach

    Located about 18 km north of the ever-popular Krabi Town and next to the much busier Ao Nang, Nopparat Thara Beach is within the 387 km² Hat Nopparat Thara – Koh Phi Phi National Park.

    This relatively serene, unspoilt beach has almost 4 km of soft white sand lined by local casuarina trees. You can easily find a shady… read more »

  • Bang Tao Beach // Thailand

    Bang Tao Beach
    © khellon

    Bang Tao (Bangtao) Beach is in a contrasting area of modern resorts and villas at the south end and a quieter area at the north end near the rustic Cherngtalay village.

    Once a settlement of Chinese immigrants, there is an interesting historic shrine here. It has 8 statues of Chinese mythology on the rooftop guarded by dragons. Inside the hall… read more »

  • Sunset Beach // Japan

    Sunset Beach
    Calvin Ge

    Sunset beach is situated next to the Mihama American Village, a shopping centre and entertainment complex about 40 minutes north of Naha. This artificial beach has a fairly urban backdrop including the high-rise Beach Tower Okinawa hotel. Perhaps the most notable feature though is the giant ferris wheel that looms over the American Village.

    There are plenty of facilities at the… read more »

  • Ama Beach // Japan

    Ama Beach
    Hashi photo

    The beautiful Ama Beach is located on Zamami Island, one of the pristine Kerama islands just west of Okinawa. It takes between one and two hours to get to Zamami from Naha on the main island, but it is more than worth it.

    Visitors to the island tend to gravitate to Furuzamami Beach, which is located about 10 minutes walk… read more »

  • Gordon Beach // Israel

    Gordon Beach
    Dennis Jarvis

    The name Tel Aviv means "hill of spring", but this modern city started out as a new neighbourhood called Ahuzat Bayit in 1910. Situated just north of the ancient port city of Jaffa, Tel Aviv soon assumed the distinction of being the main commercial hub of Israel. Moreover, it became a hotshot tourist destination too. The residents of Jerusalem make… read more »

  • Katsurahama Beach // Japan

    Katsurahama Beach
    © 京浜にけ / CC BY

    Katsurahama Beach is a popular destination, located around 30 minutes from the city of Kochi on the island of Shikoku. This pretty stretch of sand is backed by a promenade and the trees of Katsurahama Park. Towards the western end the beach curves round to a small headland which is home to a shrine.

    Whilst it is fine to sit on… read more »