Asia's Top 50+ Beaches

If any continent could lay claim to having the best beaches on the planet then that might well be Asia. This is the place where the archetypal tropical paradise was virtually defined. Picture white sands, swaying palm trees and crystal clear turquoise water, with or without surf, this is what the best beaches in Asia have on tap.

Southeast Asia tends to dominate the pecking order with long-established heavyweights such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia never failing to deliver tropical bliss. Add in some great local food, often served right on the beach and that's a hard act to top.

Whilst there are still no shortage of hidden gems, even in places like Phuket and Krabi, the more adventurous beach-lover may want to head a little off the well-trodden path. People are only just discovering that countries such as the Philippines and Vietnam actually have some of the best beaches in the world.

The Indian Ocean is something of an island paradise with any number of remote and not so remote archipelagos. Most notable are the Maldives with some of the most beautiful beaches in Asia and possibly the clearest waters and whitest sand in the world. Add to this some coral reefs with perfect waves and great diving, and you have perfection.

Finally, the beaches of India and Sri Lanka should not be overlooked. Goa is particularly popular, offering visitors a chance to relax in the sun and enjoy the many beach-side restaurants and bars. The beaches of Kerala are also stunning, with their white sand and turquoise waters.

  • Kappad Beach // India

    Kappad Beach
    © Sarah and Iain / CC BY

    With its long stretch of pale-golden sands backed by tall coconut palms Kappad Beach is as delightful as any in Kerala. It is also just the right combination of wild beauty but with all the amenities and conveniences close at hand.

    Long before the beachgoers, Kappad Beach was an important place in Kerala‚Äôs history. In 1498, Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama… read more »

  • Thottada Beach // India

    Thottada Beach
    © Arjunmangol / CC BY

    Thottada Beach is located towards the north of Kerala near Kannur, and you can stay just steps away from this beautiful sandy beach. This quiet, serene beach stretches for around 800 meters with fine golden sand, a backdrop of tropical greenery and it also has great sunsets. Towards the northern end the beach has a small river which forms a… read more »

  • Muzhappilangad Beach // India

    Muzhappilangad Beach
    © Shagil Kannur / CC BY

    Muzhappilangad Beach is famous for the fact that you can drive your car along the beach and in the water. Out of a 5 km long beach there are four kilometers where you can drive along the sand. Whilst to me this sounds like a recipe for disaster it is apparently a lot of fun.

    If you do drive onto… read more »

  • Arambol Beach // India

    Arambol Beach

    Arambol Beach is situated in the North of Goa, and is widely considered one of the most beautiful beaches in India. Set between Mandrem Beach to the south and Keri Beach to the north this is one of the most popular areas for travelers to Goa. Busiest during the winter season between November and March, Arambol is firmly… read more »

  • Mandrem Beach // India

    Mandrem Beach
    © Haakon Wibe / CC BY

    Compared to the frenetic pace at the neighbouring traveller / backpacker oriented Arambol and Anjuna, laid-back Mandrem Beach will seem something of a haven of tranquility.

    Situated in the North of Goa, Mandrem Beach has 800 meters of clean, white sand which is separated from the village by a shallow creek. Backing the beach are sand dunes and palm… read more »

  • Morjim Beach // India

    Morjim Beach
    © Agyar / CC BY

    Morjim Beach is one of the most Northern beaches in Goa. With its beautiful pristine sands and backdrop of palms it makes the perfect nesting and hatching site for the Olive ridley sea turtles. These creatures are an endangered species in India (though not globally) and are protected by law. This has done much to prevent development on the beach… read more »

  • Anjuna Beach // India

    Anjuna Beach
    © Praveen / CC BY

    Anjuna Beach is one of the best known in North Goa, with its reputation growing out of the halcyon hippie days of the 1960s. These days it is still pretty laid back but draws a much more diverse crowd, many of whom are here for the heady party scene.

    Anjuna Beach itself is everything you would expect from a Goan beach;… read more »

  • Patnem Beach // India

    Patnem Beach
    © Christian Haugen / CC BY

    The beautiful Patnem beach is clean and quieter than many of the famous beaches in North Goa. With its soft sands, palm trees and beach shack restaurants this is the perfect place to take it easy. Less crowded and more laid-back than neighbouring Palolem beach, the biggest decisions you'll have to make at Pantem are whether to go for… read more »

  • Hilton Beach // Israel

    Hilton Beach
    © Deror avi

    As you might have guessed Tel Aviv's Hilton Beach gets its name from the Hilton Hotel which overlooks the beach. But this isn't a private hotel beach. Far from it this is one of the most bustling, diverse beaches in Tel Aviv.

    Popular with both locals and tourists alike this central beach is a series of well-manicured sandy crescents separated by… read more »

  • Dolphin Reef Beach // Israel

    Dolphin Reef Beach

    Located on the northern shores of the Red Sea, in Eilat, is the Dolphin Reef. One of the biggest tourist attractions on the coast it lives up to its name consisting of a large semi-enclosed area of beach and reef which is home to a number of bottlenose dolphins.

    The first thing to stress is that the dolphins are not captive,… read more »

  • Malcapuya Beach // Philippines

    Malcapuya Beach

    Located on Malcapuya Island near Coron, Malcapuya Beach is everything you imagine a tropical island beach would be. One of the regular destinations on the Island Hopping Tour, Malcapuya is just to the north of the better-known Banana Island. This secluded spot has endless stretches of white sand which wraps around the entire island and the water is as clear… read more »

  • Big Wave Bay Beach // Hong Kong

    Big Wave Bay Beach

    Located on the eastern end of Hong Kong island, Big Wave Bay Beach is a favorite for surfers and beach goers alike. It's not just big waves and this is a great location to learn how to surf and surfing lessons are available. You will find a number of places to rent all the equipment you need.

    If you want to… read more »

  • Lo So Shing Beach // Hong Kong

    Lo So Shing Beach
    Prosperity Horizons

    As you walk down the tree-lined stairs on the west coast of Lamma Island, you will see glimpses of sandy beaches that melt into the water. The secluded beach of Lo So Shing is one such quiet paradise surrounded by green hills.

    Although this beach is quiet and peaceful, you will find places along the path where you can buy… read more »

  • Pui O Beach // Hong Kong

    Pui O Beach
    Mark Lehmkuhler

    Pui O Beach on the southern coast of Lantau Island is a beautiful, long stretch of golden sand. Backed by fertile plains and a river the terrain rises up to either side with mountains providing a stunning backdrop. What makes this picturesque beach particularly interesting though are the roaming water buffalo, a legacy of the areas farming history. The sand… read more »

  • South Bay Beach // Hong Kong

    South Bay Beach

    South Bay Beach is located on Hong Kong's Repulse Bay. It is crowded on the weekends but deserted during the week. You can descend the stairs from South Bay Road to arrive here and you will find changing rooms, showers, barbeque pits, raft rentals, and a small snack stand. It is more difficult to access than other beaches so you… read more »