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Sunnyside North Beach - Australia
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Sunnyside North Beach is the only officially sanctioned nudist beach on the east side of Port Philip Bay, with a clothing-optional rule meaning you can cover up if you choose to.

It is located between Manmangur Creek and Sunnyside Drive. The creek lies on its southernmost side and separates it from the narrow expanse of Bidwell Beach. On its northern side, Sunnyside Drive is the only access point by road, with the beach then a short walk around large rocks.

Facing northwest, the predominant breeze comes from the west. Sunnyside North Beach is relatively safe for swimming during low tide. However, the bluffs should be avoided at high tide because of rip currents. Swimmers also need to find a route through the smaller stones than follow the tide line.

Surfing is only really possible when there are westerly gales, when waves reach between one and two metres in height. There are public toilets, a barbeque area and picnic benches at the car park.

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