The Best Nude Beaches around the World

  • Hippie Hollow Beach // USA

    Hippie Hollow Beach

    Hippie Hollow is the only legally recognized clothing-optional public beach in Texas and was originally known as McGregor Country Park. The word "beach" is somewhat misleading as it is really a lakeside park and access to the water involves scrambling over the smooth limestone rocks when the water level is… read more »

  • Blooming Point Beach // Canada

    Blooming Point Beach

    Located on the north coast of Prince Edward Island, Blooming Point Beach is a stunning white sandy beach edged with rolling dunes. It extends along a natural sand spit that partially blocks the entrance to Tracadie Bay.

    The beach is fairly hard to find and consequently is beautifully quiet and peaceful.… read more »

  • Praia da Galheta // Brazil

    Praia da Galheta
    ©Papa Pic

    The arched white sands of Praia da Galheta can be found roughly 20 kilometres from the centre of Florianopolis on Santa Catarina island. Hidden from the road by a ridge of steep hills covered in foliage and wild orchids, its fine sands are accessed via a short trail that leads… read more »

  • Birdie Beach // Australia

    Birdie Beach
    ©Tim J Keegan
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  • Playa Zipolite // Mexico

    Playa Zipolite
    ©Kevin Hutchinson

    Located on the southern coast of Oaxaca state, Playa Zipolite is Mexico's first and only legal nudist beach. It is very popular as a clothing-optional resort and is pretty laid back, with the use of marijuana largely ignored. On the first week in February the beach hosts the annual Festival… read more »

  • Playa Puerto Angelito // Mexico

    Playa Puerto Angelito
    ©Adam Jones

    Located in the popular beach destination of Oaxaca, Playa Puerto Angelito is a small family-friendly beach just to the west of Manzanillo Beach. Together these adjacent beaches stretch for about 120 metres.

    Both these attractive beaches curve around the bay and have beautiful white sand, clear aquamarine waters and rocks… read more »