Anse Marron Beach

The pretty little cove of Anse Marron is at the most southerly point on La Digue island. This beach is stunning and remote with the white sands and clear waters bookmarked by huge granite boulders jutting out of the sand. Unlike much of the west coast there is no coral reef to protect the beach, so the water gets deep quickly and there can be powerful waves. However inviting the turquoise waters may look, remember you are in a remote spot and the sea can be unpredictable. Fortunately,  some of the boulders form a small natural lagoon, sheltered from the ocean and ideal for taking a dip.

It can be difficult to find Anse Marron; in fact, many visitors come with a guide. You need to cross a slippery path that can be dangerous, so this hike is not for everyone. However, once you see this spot for yourself, you will realize that it was worth the trip.

Anse Marron is something of a favourite for photographers and you will not want to miss the chance of snapping some shots of this beautiful spot. The boulders are dramatic, the water is an incredible crystal blue and the backdrop is verdant green. This beach doesn’t have a lot of visitors, so the unspoiled view is always stunning.

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