Nordic Beaches // The Viking Coast

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  • Mølen // Norway

    ©Thor Fredrik Eie

    Mølen beach in Southern Norway is a fascinating place both naturally and historically. For starters it is Norway's largest pebble beach consisting of rounded rocks varying in colour and size. In fact there are over 100 different types of rock here, mainly deposited during the last ice age 10,000 years ago. Such is the geological importance of the site, Mølen was the first UNESCO Geopark Area in the Nordic region.

    The… read more »

  • Bystranda // Norway


    This man-made sandy beach is situated in the city of Kristiansand, close to the southern tip of Norway. Its location has been well-selected with a marina next door and nearby parkland. It is also easily reached from the city center with plenty of parking and nearby leisure facilities.

    The Kristiansand City beach has fine, near-white sand - of course it isn't natural, but it is what you would choose if you… read more »

  • Rauðisandur beach // Iceland

    Rauðisandur beach

    Rauðisandur or Red Sand beach is a huge expanse of sand in the remote Westfjords region of Iceland. Unlike many of this volcanic island's beaches Rauðisandur has what we might consider normal coloured sand - most beaches here have black sand. This is probably where the name comes from as the sand does have a reddish hue to it in certain lights. However, it is also possible it is a… read more »

  • Ramberg // Norway


    The description of Ramberg beach on the Lofoten Islands begins like many of the other tropical beaches on the World Beach Guide. A crescent of white sands washed by crystal clear turquoise water...

    ...but hold on a minute. Ramberg is anything but tropical, it is located in the Arctic Circle. In fact you are more likely to be chased polar bear than a shark in these frigid waters. And the… read more »

  • Sjøsanden Beach // Norway

    Sjøsanden Beach
    ©Yosh3000 / CC BY

    Lying on the very southern tip of Norway is the coastal town of Mandal. By Norwegian standards the climate here is fairly mild and in summer the weather is definitely warm enough to enjoy the town's best known asset - Sjøsanden beach, an 800m (half mile) long stretch of lovely, near white sand.

    Regularly cited as Norway's best beach it is difficult to argue with this. Located in the Furulunden… read more »

  • Grotta Beach // Iceland

    Grotta Beach
    ©Smiley.toerist / CC BY

    Grotta is located on the Seltjarnarnes peninsula and is probably best known as the site of Reykjavik's lighthouse which has stood here for the last hundred years. Set on a little island connected to the mainland by a narrow spit of black sand, Grotta is only around 10 minutes from downtown Iceland but a world apart.

    The beach and island are something of a bird watcher's paradise. During the early… read more »

  • Nauthólsvík Beach // Iceland

    Nauthólsvík Beach
    ©Helgi Halldórsson / CC BY

    Nauthólsvík is Reykjavik's go to beach. A far cry from the wild expansive landscapes of the other beaches on this list Nauthólsvík is in fact a man-made beach. This goes some way to explaining the unusually (for Iceland) golden sand and surprisingly warm water.

    Opened in 2001 Nauthólsvík is a geothermally heated beach constructed within the confines of protective breakwaters. This means both safe and warm(er) bathing for the beachgoers… read more »

  • Albuen Strand // Denmark

    Albuen Strand

    For a classic southern Danish seaside escape with beautiful camping grounds right near the beach, look no further than Albuen Strand. Situated in the southwestern coast of Lolland, it is home to one of the island's best beaches. Stretching for 7 km Albuen Strand is a sandy spit of land backed by a large lagoon. It is Blue Flag certified, boasts a rich history and natural landscape; you could say… read more »

  • Den Permanente // Denmark

    Den Permanente

    Located in the city of Aarhus on Denmark's east coast is the man made Den Permanente beach. Designated a Blue Flag Beach in 2018 it is just a 10-minute bike ride to the city center which makes it one the most popular beach in the area.

    Den Permanente is a beach but it is also a "sea bath" - a protected area for sea swimming. This consists of wooden jetties… read more »

  • Palmestranden // Denmark

    ©Wikimedia Commons/Heb

    As a rule we tend to associate palm trees with tropical locations such as California or the Caribbean. Even so, Palmestranden in Denmark does a great job of bringing a touch of that tropical feel to Northern Europe with 100 palm trees lining the soft white sands. These palm trees flourish from May to September, the rest of the year they live in a greenhouse.

    Palmestranden is a very family-friendly beach… read more »

  • Degersand // Finland

    ©Egon Eagle

    One of the most popular vacation destinations in the Åland Islands, Degersand Beach offers a wide range of different activities against the backdrop of splendid views of the Gulf of Bothnia. This cluster of islands is a unique multicultural area in Northern Europe, sitting between Finland and Sweden, and it is the only area of Finland to have a majority Swedish-speaking population.

    That unique blend of cultures is on display in… read more »

  • Kansanpuisto // Finland

    ©Ville Säävuori

    The tiny beach of Kansanpuisto offers a great view of nearby Hirvensalo Island, which is reachable via the Pukinsalmi channel, through which ships travel to the Port of Turku. All of this makes this little park and beach area quite busy, with bathers, swimmers, and beach sports enthusiasts of all kinds frequenting the area. There is a playground for children, a volleyball court, nearby restaurants, and a villa.

    Kansanpuisto Beach is… read more »

  • Matarinpuiston // Finland

    ©Arto Alanenpää

    Situated in the Vantaa area, in the south of Finland, Matarinpuiston Beach offers scenic views of the crisp clear blue water of this slow-moving section of river. The sand is fringed with an abundance of greenery, including plenty of grassland and towering pine trees. 

    Despite being some distance from the sea Matarinpuiston Beach offers plenty of swimming and sunbathing opportunities, all in a peaceful family-friendly atmosphere.

    All of this makes the Matarinpuiston… read more »

  • Myllyjärvi // Finland

    ©Tiia Monto

    Myllyjärvi Beach is one of the many inland beaches by one of Finland's countless lakes and rivers; a picture of peaceful Nordic natural beauty. This lakeside beach in the Espoo area borders a nature reserve that offers scenic views of lush green forests and deep blue lakes alike.

    You'll want to check out both the north and south side of this lovely beach area. It is a classic location for swimming… read more »

  • Möysä // Finland

    ©Tiia Monto

    Like many of the cities in the inland part of Finland, Lahti is home to some wonderful lakeside beaches, with Möysä Beach chiefly among them.

    The beach area is noted for its soft beige sand and lush forested area nearby teeming with greenery. The water is incredibly clear here, making it ideal for swimming.

    There is a playground for children nearby and plenty of places for cookouts, making Möysä Beach one of… read more »