Red Sand Beach (Kaihalulu)

Red Sand Beach - USA
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As the name suggests Red Sand beach is adorned with sand that is more than just a little red in hue. In fact the little cove is something of a festival of colors; the red sand, deep blue of the ocean, black of the rocks and green of the ironwood trees.

The redness of the beach is provided by the iron rich lava-cinder cliffs behind which are constantly eroding.

The Hawaiian name for the beach is a little more exciting - Kaihalulu which means “roaring sea”. However, the beach itself is somewhat protected from the waves by a line of jagged rocks just offshore which form a kind of natural sea wall.

Set on the far-western tip of Maui, Red Sand beach is both remote and extremely difficult to access. The hike down to the beach has been described by some as treacherous featuring a narrow path along a ridge high above the ocean. 

Please note, falls and serious injury appear to be a fairly common occurrence. We would strongly discourage anyone from visiting with children. In addition the sea here can be dangerous with strong undertows. 

Given the beach’s secluded nature it is widely regarded as a clothing-optional beach.

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