Africa's Top 50+ Beaches

  • Monica // Morocco

    Karima El Youbi

    Monica Beach is located on the northern outskirts of Casablanca. A wide stretch of whitish golden sand, the beach here is well known for surfing. It is something of a tricky location because there are quite a few rocks scatterd around the shoreline, but it is fine at high tide. More confident surfers enjoy the challenge of surfing here and… read more »

  • Martil // Morocco

    Mohamed Haddi

    Martil is Tetouan’s coastal resort town in the summer monts. The rest of the year it's a university town which gives it a young, lively feel. The beach here is a long stretch of golden sand which face into the warm, blue waters of the Mediterranean. Beyond the town and along the coast high green mountains rise steeply from the… read more »

  • Taghazout // Morocco

    © kabaretka

    This former fishing village is located on Morocco's Atlantic coast just north of Agadir. Today, Taghazout is at the centre of Morocco's surfing scene and within a stone's throw of some world class surf spots. The village still retains much of its old charm and as you make your way to the beach, you will pass through narrow cobbled… read more »

  • Plage Blanche // Morocco

    Plage Blanche

    Plage Blanche is an other-worldly spot in the heart of an ecological park on the edge of the Sahara Desert. You will find a 40 kilometer (25 mile) expanse of white sands with very few signs of being touched by human existence. Located 200 miles south of Agadir, it is something of a journey to get there and will require… read more »

  • Tangier // Morocco

    © saiko3p

    Tangier is barely ten miles across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain, making it the closest city in Africa to mainland Europe. To one side of Tangier Beach is on the Mediterranean Sea, and the other, the Atlantic Ocean. This is a place where both cultures and seas mix.

    Tangier Beach itself is a vast expanse of sand, and you will… read more »

  • Mehdia // Morocco

    Jaro Varga

    Set on the Atlantic coast near the northern tip of Morocco is Mehdia Beach, a hotspot for surfing. A lovely stretch of golden sand this is a place where there is always a buzz. There are several beach bars and even a water park on the sea front. Visitors to the beach are an eclectic mix of both international and… read more »

  • Agadir // Morocco

    © mhamedi youssef

    Agadir Beach is an impressive stretch of white-golden sand backed with palm trees and a promenade. Set on the mid-Atlantic coast, Agadir is probably Morocco's most modern city. It was built as a resort town after a devastating earthquake destroyed much of the old town in the 1960s.

    With a marina, golf courses, restaurants, luxury hotels, shopping, and an incredible… read more »

  • Stanley Beach // Egypt

    Stanley Beach
    © Ayman Zaid

    Stanley Beach is a private beach located just a few hundred metres east of downtown Alexandria. Wrapping around a small cove on the city's extensive Mediterranean waterfront, it's easy to reach thanks to the tram and taxi network. There are also plenty of places to refill empty stomachs nearby.

    Stanley Beach is backed by a long three storey building facing the… read more »

  • Agiba Beach // Egypt

    Agiba Beach
    Roland Unger

    Agiba Beach gets its name from the Arabic for "miracle". It lies on Egypt's Mediterranean Sea coast just west of the town of Marsa Matrouh. Set back in a small cove, the near white sands are trapped between cliffs on all sides. In fact, access to the beach is via a footpath down from the clifftop, making it unsuitable for… read more »