Asia's Top 50+ Beaches

If any continent could lay claim to having the best beaches on the planet then that might well be Asia. This is the place where the archetypal tropical paradise was virtually defined. Picture white sands, swaying palm trees and crystal clear turquoise water, with or without surf, this is what the best beaches in Asia have on tap.

Southeast Asia tends to dominate the pecking order with long-established heavyweights such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia never failing to deliver tropical bliss. Add in some great local food, often served right on the beach and that's a hard act to top.

Whilst there are still no shortage of hidden gems, even in places like Phuket and Krabi, the more adventurous beach-lover may want to head a little off the well-trodden path. People are only just discovering that countries such as the Philippines and Vietnam actually have some of the best beaches in the world.

The Indian Ocean is something of an island paradise with any number of remote and not so remote archipelagos. Most notable are the Maldives with some of the most beautiful beaches in Asia and possibly the clearest waters and whitest sand in the world. Add to this some coral reefs with perfect waves and great diving, and you have perfection.

Finally, the beaches of India and Sri Lanka should not be overlooked. Goa is particularly popular, offering visitors a chance to relax in the sun and enjoy the many beach-side restaurants and bars. The beaches of Kerala are also stunning, with their white sand and turquoise waters.

  • Cat Co 1 // Vietnam

    Cat Co 1
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    A little confusingly, Cat Co 1 Beach is actually located between Cat Co 2 Beach and Cat Co 3 Beach on Lan Ha Bay's Cat Ba island. But even if it wasn't, all three beaches are a very slow wander from Cat Ba town, and are linked together by a further short cliffside path.

    Widely considered to be the… read more »

  • Palawan Beach // Singapore

    Palawan Beach
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    Palawan Beach is one of several long and broad sand beaches located on the southwest side of Sentosa Island, a short drive or cable car ride from downtown Singapore. It is generally considered the most child and family-friendly.

    It is named after Palawan Island. Connected to Palawan beach by a chain-link suspension bridge, the island is said to be the southernmost… read more »

  • Siloso Beach // Singapore

    Siloso Beach

    Siloso Beach is approximately 30 minutes travelling time from central Singapore, and is located on the southwest shore of Sentosa Island. The furthest north of three main beaches on this section of coastline, it is also considered the trendiest. Its choice of restaurants, bars and nightclubs makes it particularly popular with those in the twenties and thirties.

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  • Tanjong Beach // Singapore

    Tanjong Beach

    Situated just west of the southernmost tip of Singapore's Sentosa Island, Tanjong Beach is formed from two linked coves boasting broad expanses of (imported) sand and warm lagoon-like shallows sheltered by an offshore island.

    Backed by Sentosa Golf Course, it is one of the most tranquil beaches on the island. Romantic walks can be enjoyed along the various promenades, while sunsets… read more »

  • Padang Padang // Indonesia

    Padang Padang

    Padang Padang beach, so good they named it twice! One of Bali's finest beaches, this cosy little spot sits on the northwestern coast of the Bukit Peninsula, home to some of the best surf spots on the planet, of which Padang Padang is one.

    The beach here is a hundred metre long stretch of pale-golden sand dotted with some huge boulders.… read more »