Best Beaches in Eastern Europe

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  • Brela Beach // Croatia

    Brela Beach

    Brela is a charming little town on Croatia's Adriatic coast roughly midway between Split and Makarska. With the backdrop of the Biokovo mountains and lapped by the crystal clear azure waters of the Adriatic this largely unspoilt stretch of coast is quite stunning.

    There are a number of separate coves that make up the 6km stretch of Brela Beach. All are fringed with an abundance of pine trees and formed of the same coarse, but lovely, sand. Just off the main beach of Punta Rata is the Kamen Brela. A… read more »

  • Pomorie Beach // Bulgaria

    Pomorie Beach
    ©Boby Dimitrov

    One spot on the Southern half of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast which is well worth a visit is Pomorie Beach with its 5 km of dazzling white sand. The area is well-known in the region for the mineral water produced by springs in the town. In addition, Pomorie Bay is a magnet for a wide range of yachts and sailboats.

    Add to that a strong history of wine growing, fishing, and salt production, and it isn't hard to see why this hidden foodie treasure is popular among more discerning visitors.

    As… read more »

  • Bolata Beach // Bulgaria

    Bolata Beach
    ©Dimitar Bachvarov / CC BY

    Located in a neat little enclave flanked by smooth brick-red ridges, Bolata Beach is one of Northern Bulgaria's best kept secrets. A near perfect semi-circle of sand, protected by breakwaters, this is a quite unique little cove, and one of very few beaches in the area.

    While Bulgaria's beaches are beginning to become better-appreciated by the outside world, this cove has remained a local secret for citizens of the nearby seaside resort of Kavarna. The beach also sits within the Kaliakra Nature Reserve - a must for nature lovers and especially… read more »

  • Ksamil Beach // Albania

    Ksamil Beach

    You will often hear the beaches of Albania's Riviera coast compared to the Ionian islands of Greece, and for obvious reasons. Ksamil is located just across the border from Greece and within a stone's throw of the beach-lovers paradise of Corfu.

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  • Bunec beach // Albania

    Bunec beach

    Bunec Beach is a quiet, yet beautiful, spot near Saranda in Albania. With a backdrop of mountains  it offers an opportunity to get in touch with the natural beauty of Albania. 

    Littered with white pebbles, the water at Bunec is crystal clear and the beautiful shade of blue-green you only find in the Ionian Sea. The remote location means visitors will have no trouble finding a quiet and secluded spot. A small river that runs down from the mountains divides the beach here as it trickles into the sea.

    Bunec is a… read more »

  • Mango beach // Albania

    Mango beach

    A lovely convergence of sapphire sea and sun-kissed sparkling white sand, Mango Beach in Sarande is one of Albania's best-kept secrets. Sitting at the southern tip of Albania, bordering Greece, Mango Beach is a perfect slice of sweet Southern Mediterranean bliss.

    The Sarande area is known for its rich cultural past and is located near the ancient city of Butrint. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was an ancient Greek and Roman town. Also nearby is Lëkurësi Castle, which was built in 1537 by Suleiman the Magnificent… read more »

  • Primorsko South beach // Bulgaria

    Primorsko South beach

    Primorsko's other beach sits to the south of the headland which is home to this pleasant resort town. This long stretch of golden sand is partly backed by sand dunes and the Dyavolska River which helps preserve something of a wild feeling, particularly towards the southern end of the beach.

    South beach is one of the liveliest beaches in the area and  all manner of beach sports are on offer from volleyball to water skiing. That doesn't mean there aren't places to… read more »

  • Saplunara // Croatia


    Set at the far end of the somewhat undiscovered Dalmatian island of Mljet is the seaside village of Saplunara. Even as Croatia edges its way from the peripheries of the tourist map Mljet remains one of the hidden gems of the Adriatic and this is despite being only 30 km from Dubrovnik. The northern end of the island is a national park but there is barely much in the way of development around Saplunara either.

    There are actually two beaches at Saplunara but one description fits both. Backed by deep… read more »

  • Rusalka Beach // Bulgaria

    Rusalka Beach
    ©Vladislav Bezrukov / CC BY

    Ruslaka Beach is set on the Black Sea between the city of Varna and the border with Romania. A small beach in an area dominated by coastal cliffs, it has crystal clear waters known to be home to dolphins. Its name comes from the Bulgarian word for mermaid. It is predominantly made up of a light coloured sand, mixed with small pebbles.

    A haven since Roman times, it is surrounded by oak forest and forms part of a nature reserve. Not far away you'll find a thermal baths, while its… read more »

  • Golden Sands // Bulgaria

    Golden Sands
    ©Mister No / CC BY

    Any list of Bulgaria's top beaches wouldn't be complete without Golden Sands Beach. It is easily one of the best known beaches in the country, and has long been a popular summer spot with locals and tourists alike. If you're looking for somewhere a little more family-friendly and peaceful than the more touristic Sunny Beach, Golden Sands Beach may be perfect for you.

    Golden Sands is located near Varna, which was founded by the Romans, so it is probably safe to say this place has a long history as… read more »

  • Varna beach // Bulgaria

    Varna beach

    Among Bulgaria's many fantastic beaches, Varna Beach distinguishes itself by being located in the heart of a thriving city as well as within a stone's throw of a host of other destinations. And that's not to say this isn't a great beach; in fact if you are looking to get the most out of your Bulgarian beach-going experience and want to make sure you see a lot in a small span of time, staying in the Varna Beach area could be your best bet.

    The beach at… read more »

  • Livadi Beach // Albania

    Livadi Beach

    Albania is something of an underrated gem with many stunning locations along its coastline, with the crown in its jewel being Livadi Beach.

    This luxuriant getaway is famed throughout the Mediterranean for its idyllic coastline, deep blue watery depths, and olive trees as far as the eye can see. Size matters, and Livadi beach is one of the biggest beaches on Albania's Southeastern Mediterranean coast, stretching more than 1.2 kilometers with more than 6 m of sparkling white sand.

    The north side of the beach, named Gonia, is renowned for its incredible… read more »

  • Banje Beach // Croatia

    Banje Beach

    Croatia is home to some of the most naturally beautiful beaches in Europe but Banje Beach also offers a perfect backdrop of historic splendour.

    The beach is located on the edge of Dubrovnik's Old Town alongside the 17th century Lazareti and Ploce Gate. To visit this area is to take a trip back hundreds of years and see what Eastern European life was like centuries ago. 

    As for the beach itself, the shoreline is made up of small round pebbles which give the sea a brilliant blue-green hue. Adding to the visual… read more »

  • Divna Beach // Croatia

    Divna Beach
    ©Kris Sliver

    Divna Beach sits towards the far end of the Pelješac peninsula, the second longest in Croatia. This remote location means rather than becoming a developed resort, Divna Beach remains a chance to get in touch with nature. As such, there are few to no facilities on the beach itself. 

    All of this makes for a truly authentic, back to basics beach-going experience. You can bask in the sun and enjoy the natural beauty of the white shores, turquoise waters and verdant green cliff sides. What's more, there are a few tiny… read more »

  • Dubovica // Croatia


    Shimmering likes a diamond in the Adriatic, Dubovica Beach is particularly alluring beach escape in Croatia. Far from the big towns and beaches, the island of Hvar has long been a popular Croatian getaway. It's just a short hop between Hvar and the famed Dalmatian Coast.

    The little town of Hvar is nearby but this beach is all about natural beauty and connecting with nature. This is one of the loveliest beaches in Croatia, but you won't find any sand here. Instead thebeach is strewn with smooth round pebbles… read more »